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For more than 6 years now, Sonia Alberton has supported artists and organized their exhibitions in the many Carré d'Artistes galleries in France and abroad.

She is always on the lookout for new talents. The fact that she is able to share this common passion with teams and artists is a real driving force for her.

Sonia admires the ability that artists have to transcribe their emotions, their flaws, their dreams! She has a penchant for poetic figurative works, as they all sweetly tell a story and she is able to seek a presence in all of these, through her own emotions. 

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How long have you been working at Carré d’artistes? What does your job involve?
I have been assisting the artists and organising their exhibitions in our various galleries for six years now.
I am also always looking for new talents!

What do you like the most about your work? Where does this passion for art come from?
Being able to share this common passion with the team and the artists is a real motivation for me. I have always loved drawing and admired the artists’ ability to convey their emotions, their weaknesses, their dreams!

How did you take your first steps in the world of contemporary art?
I discovered the world of contemporary art in my teenage years, thanks to the art magazines I used to read back then.

An anecdote to share with us? With an artist/a client/a collaborator? Something you will never forget?
I will always remember that moment with my 9-year-old daughter, who, upon spotting an artwork in a gallery, was overcome with the emotions it represented to her. From that day, this work has been displayed in her room and reminds her not only the memories it evokes her but also that emotional moment she experienced.



Which style affects you particularly, why? What does it trigger in you?
I need the artwork to tell a story that I can make my own and into which I can project my own emotions. I have a liking for poetic figurative works, which are very soft.

What inspired you to make this selection? What does it mean? What message did you want to convey?
I chose these works according to my desires, my mood. For me, this is a selection that highlights femininity, intimacy and freedom.
An artist from Carré d’artistes whose work you particularly like?

The Anne Guillon’s universe particularly touches me, with its characters’ sweetness and fragility. Given that we live in a society where we have to be efficient and hide our weaknesses, I find that this artist highlights a fragility that we can all have, but with great delicacy.

If you had to describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words, which ones would you choose? Why would you choose them?
Unique: Carré d'Artistes has developed a unique concept with a network of 40 galleries in the world.
Engaging: teams are really invested in promoting the artists’ work.
Captivating: among all our artists and works selection, there is inevitably one work that attracts us, and that we need to acquire!

Would you rather choose small or large format? Why?
Small format. It has something intimate, and allows you to make compositions with works that complement each other and that match well together. 

Why do you think art is important?
To me, art is one of the means of expression that makes it possible to denounce, to inspire dreams, to enrich oneself and to nourish oneself with emotions.

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