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Bastide d´Izard Armelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Bastide d´Izard Armelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Bastide d´Izard Armelle
The important is to make the Shepherd's Star travel and praise wisdom in love.
With a degree in economics and finance, Armelle pursued a career as a production manager for 10 years. But after an encounter with Impressionist painting she discovered her vocation as a painter. A passionate and hard-working artist, she pursued this activity with enthusiasm and professionalism. She was self-taught, following the guidance of several experts and regularly visiting museums to learn and develop her skills. She set up her studio in the Herault region, between vineyards and scrubland, in her family home in St. Bauzille. The artist wishes to convey a message of peace, serenity and spirituality; a state of mind Armelle draws from the Herault, a magical region of, in her opinion, perfect scenery. Professionals quickly uncover talent and as a result of several chance encounters, the Parisian galleries have opened their doors to her. Now Armelle is a confirmed and much sought after artist.
Armelle cultivates perfection in her paintings; the harmony of colours, the variety of subjects, the lightness of line that give the works a refined and spiritual dimension. The paintings are beautiful, generous and ever changing. Among the masters who inspire her are Matisse, Paul Cezanne and Francis Desnoyer. Her work of acrylic paint applied with a knife resembles oil painting and allows for the liveliness of her work, the alchemy of warm colours and a harmony in the lightness. The result is modern and always surprisingly new. Armelle prefers to paint the colours of the South and light-filled landscapes. She looks for natural simplicity, and loves space and volume. A passionate Impressionist, colour gives wings to her imagination. Each of her paintings is an explosion of colours spread with a knife.
  • 2022
    Large-scale exhibition in Poussan
    Poussan, France
  • 2016
    Exhibition at Busan International Fair
    Busan, Korea (the Republic of)
  • 2012
    Exhibition at Galerie Perbet
    Annecy, France
  • 2008
    Rating at Akoun
    Montmorency , France
  • 1968
    Juvisy-sur-Orge, France
(162 Artworks)

162 Artworks

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