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Say it with art !

What if the best way to celebrate newfound freedom, was art?

We are convinced that art has the power to convey messages. It speaks to us, it is able to move us but also make us feel free and alive. It certainly makes us happy

This is the reason why we decided to entrust our artists with a task: the one of talking about the lockdown aftermath. To give us their rather peculiar vision on this renewal, but also their hopes. How to live again? 

 Live with passion. Live with freedom. Live together. 

They responded in their own way, to put it otherwise, through works and so once again manage proving to us that art has the power to transform the world: by this time making us relish this newfound freedom and restoring hope, creativity and energy. This is undoubtedly, the most beautiful message of art. 

(3 Artworks)
3 Artworks

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