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Tribute to Edward Hopper

Carré d'artistes offers a collection in tribute to the realist and naturalist painter Edward Hopper.
Indeed, 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the creation of Nighthawks, a major work by the American artist.
On this occasion, five contemporary painters offer their interpretations of the legacy of the master of ultra modern solitude.


Nighthawks or the representation of melancholy by Hopper

New York artist Edward Hopper (1882-1967) left an unmistakable mark on the art world of the 20th century.
By capturing the daily life, the solitude and the melancholy of modern life in big cities, Hopper was able to represent the essence of the contemporary world in the United States and by extension in the West. And if we had to choose just one, Edward Hopper's masterpiece Nighthawks is a snapshot of the artist's visual identity. Painted in 1942 and sometimes translated into French as "Shadows of the Night", "Night owls" or "Night birds", Edward Hopper's Nighthawks transports us to a movie screen. On the canvas, three customers and an employee are seated around the counter of a diner (a typical North American restaurant often open 24 hours a day). The colors brown, green and midnight blue bring a major contrast with the yellow gradient from the artificial light inside the restaurant. It is night, the street is empty and the frozen scene emphasizes a feeling of confinement, solitude and silence.

Five contemporary painters appropriate the Edward Hopper style

In its tribute collection to Edward Hopper, Carré d'artistes has called on five international artists to interpret in their own way the legacy of the master Hopper. Everyday scenes, often alone, sometimes in couples, these contemporary painters have integrated the references of the New York painter into their universe:

The American Karl Bronk offers sunny canvases with urban landscapes. The main characters are women, often alone or sometimes, we see a lost passer-by in the background.

Gary Smith (England) puts forward luminous images of the seaside where on each of the paintings a woman enjoys the sun and the view that is offered to her.

The Italian painter Manuela Gallo has also chosen to highlight women. Thoughtful, alone or in pairs, it is the silence that shines through most in this universe.

For his part, the Argentinian Manuel Ramat adopts a style of cinematographic inspiration where we see scenes of intimacy of different couples who seem alone in the world.

Virginie Mezan de Malartic (France) invites us into visual chronicles of domestic lives. With or without a character, the feeling of loneliness shines through in a cosy atmosphere.

These are unique works that you will find on the site of Carré d'artistes. Each sold with a certificate of authenticity, the paintings are offered in different square formats and can satisfy all types of budgets, ranging from 13 cm by 13 cm (105 €) to 100 cm by 100 (2700 €).

To embellish your interior or to offer, you can trust the framing service of Carré d'artistes to customize the frame of the painting of your choice: matte, elegant, contemporary, gilded, lacquered ... many possibilities are available to you to highlight the painting that has seduced you. Thanks to its team of curators, one of the missions of Carré d'artistes is to research and select works by emerging artists.
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16 Artworks

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