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Tribute to Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko: A revolutionary artist and master of abstraction

Mark Rothko is one of the representatives of American abstract expressionism and became one of the most influential painters of the post-war period. His revolutionary style was inspired by European surrealism. His biomorphic forms of the early 1940s gave way to floating areas of luminous color on colored backgrounds. Through his art, he seeks to express the emotions of people through a deep questioning of himself and the human condition. Art, through his works, becomes a powerful means of communication. Mark Rothko with his works, develops a compositional strategy known as "Color Field painting". This particularity is characterized by an important open space and an expressive use of color. Discover Mark Rothko's iconic style with his signature works:

Slow Whirlpool by the Sea, 1944: his painting dates back to the Surrealist period. The two creatures, surrounded by abstract lines and spirals, dance between the sky and the sea. This scene can be interpreted as a visualization of the romance and passion of organisms.
Untitled, black on gray, 1969: working with 2 pigments, Mark Rothko's work relies on the extreme contrast between light and dark. This work reveals the sadness of the artist, which accompanies him at the end of his life and represents death. This series of works is painted on smaller canvases than his colored works, due to the mental and physical decline of the artist.

A tribute collection to the abstract painter and precursor of color fields

This Mark Rothko tribute collection offers unique works by contemporary abstract painters. Each work is certified and signed, thanks to its certificate of authenticity. The acquisition of original works allows our community of over 600 artists to live off their art (thanks to our collections). These nuggets of abstract art are presented in a square format ranging from 13x13 to 120x120 cm, and with its square frame suitable for the chosen work. You can buy them from 95 €.
You can choose between a multitude of techniques, styles and themes to pay tribute to the works of Mark Rothko.


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Carré d'artiste is the first network of contemporary art galleries in the world. Our company offers paintings, illustrations and sculptures for sale online or to be found in more than 30 contemporary art galleries around the world. Each artist exhibited is selected by our art curators for his original and assertive work. Thus, Carré d'artistes supports more than 600 artists in the world and continues to unearth emerging artists to present you their nuggets.
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16 Artworks

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