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Dashone | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Dashone | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

Since everything is gray here, I haven't found any other way than to flood my daily life with colors... and as Picasso said, when I don't have blue, I put on red!\n 
DASHone had a passion for art from an early age. He was a reserved child with a rebel side who fell in love with hip hop. Its music, dance, values and philosophy spoke to him and introduced him to street art as a tweenager. He started practising on Nancy's buildings at the tender age of 13 and 14. As DASHone grew up, he explored other media and formats. He even brought art to his job as a youth group leader, working on several art projects with the young people under his wing.
DASHone drew inspiration from hip hop culture and graffiti to specialise in street art. The artist paints on anything, canvases, walls, woodwork, signs and other fixtures, but his favourite is cardboard. It's the ultimate salvage item and opens up a world of artistic possibilities to him. He uses spray paint, acrylic, collage, markers and stencils to create unique, original and quirky artwork. His characters, messages and outlooks see DASHone open his audience's eyes to a sense of goodwill and being open-minded.\n 
  • 2018
    Participates in many trade fairs throughout France
    -, France
  • 2017
    1st solo exhibition in an art gallery
    Marseille, France
  • 1979
    Nancy, France
(9 Artworks)

9 Artworks

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