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Giroud Pascal | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Giroud Pascal | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Giroud Pascal
  • France
  • Painter

Nature encompasses an absolute beauty, omnipresent and purely emotional. To try and capture it would take a lifetime.
Originally from Lyon, Pascal has been interested in drawing since childhood. At age 20, he naturally turned to painting and learned through his own experiences. Self-taught, he went in search of art during his many visits to museums. A first exhibition in a Lyon gallery was successful and encouraged him to devote himself to painting professionally. He joined Pierre Jean Chaffrey's academy of painting where he followed the teaching of painters Didier Andre, Pascale Paradis and Norbert Vaginay. He learned intensively and after a few years became a permanent member in the Olympus Gallery in Lyon. In 2008, he left the Rhone region to open his studio in Provence. Pascal encountered the unique light of the South, which would become an essential element of his painting. Pascal's favorite themes are landscapes (urban, rural or marine), and the diversity of nature is what inspires him the most. His works demonstrate the serenity of the artist in his natural setting.
Pascal is inspired by the painters of the Barbizon school such as Picasso, Jean-Baptiste Corot and Eugène Boudin. Pascal follows the work of the Impressionists and prefers the painting of motifs (outdoors in front of the subject). Most of the time, he walks in search of a good place to paint and the right light. When he finds it he stops, sets up his easel and paints the landscape that has captured his attention. It's a fleeting and sublime moment, which gives meaning to his painting. The "Alla Prima" painting technique that Pascal uses is a natural consequence of this context. This is a technique of oil painting in which the undercoat and glazing stages are eliminated to allow for more rapid painting. Made famous by the Impressionists, this method of painting is particularly appropriate for outdoor work.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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  • 2018
    Exhibition at the Deniau gallery
    Mougins, France
  • 2009
    Exhibition at the Federation Tower
    Moscow, Russian Federation (the)
  • 1998
    1st exhibition at the Jacques Royan gallery
    Lyon, France
  • 1971
    Lyon, France
(67 Artworks)

67 Artworks

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