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Silveira Saulo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Silveira Saulo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Silveira Saulo
  • Portugal
  • Painter

I seek the truth and frankness of painting, in expressing authenticity, that is, a way to transcend technique, so that the virtuosity of painting becomes an art without artifice.
A native of Minas Gerais, a rich and conservative state of Brazil, Saulo grew up in contact with an exuberant natural environment. The majestic rivers and dense forest of his childhood haunted his mind when he headed for Rio de Janeiro. The city of Cariocas has always held a fascination for provincial artists from Brazil. Convinced of his vocation for drawing, Saulo courageously left his village to express his talent. This bold and combative mentality characterizes his work. In Rio, his early career success in advertising design showcased his artistic ambitions. Saulo boldly exhibited his abstract works at national meetings. Going against the current in a country with conventional pictorial traditions, the painter was especially taken notice of during the 5th Art Fair of São Paulo in the late 1980's. The spontaneous strokes and strong colours of his paintings imposed his original cultural identity.
On arrival in Lisbon in 1990, Saulo only expressed himself non- figuratively, declining warm colours in textured shades on large formats. This trip to the Old World was a milestone in the journey of the painter. His compositions quickly interested the galleries of the Lusitanian capital, who encouraged him to continue his experiments. Ever since the Brazilian artist has associated abstraction with figuration. With strong technical know how and precise gestures, Saulo is a rational painter. Nothing is left to chance in his compositions. To reinforce his message, popular images appear in the maelstrom of shapes and colours. Galloping horses or natural motifs inspired by his original Minas Gerais also enrich his abstract proposals in order to impose his own personal language.
  • 2017
    Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Movement gallery
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2011
    Exhibition at the Arte gallery
    Algarve, Portugal
  • 1988
    Participation in the 5th Brazilian Art Fair for Fine Arts
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • 1950
    João Pinheiro, Brazil
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155 Artworks

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