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Bond Tetiana | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Bond Tetiana | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Bond Tetiana
In my paintings the world is not represented as it is in real life, but as I might wish it to be.
With a diploma from Kiev Superior Arts Institute in 2009, Tetiana began her career as an interior designer. During this time she had to work on the production of visual works in her spare time, making this leisure time into a privileged meditative, introspective moment. Gradually this activity was to grow by becoming, and this happened a few years ago, as indispensable to her everyday life as to her personal make-up, her practices being in every way a reflection of the instinctive desire for self-expression so pursued by the artist. Between daydreams and travel impressions Tetiana's work immerses us in electrifying urban landscapes.
Tetiana's approach is totally concentrated on the dynamism flowing from architecture and industrialisation in modern cities, so she attempts to translate this into her support by focusing the energy and beauty emanating from them. Galvanised by the blank canvas before her on the easel, Tetiana lends this support with euphoria and gracefulness by projecting her mental images by means of oil paints applied by brush and more particularly by knife. Armed with a rich and contrasting palette, the Ukrainian painter works on elaborating her subjects by concentrating on the interplay between her sensitivity and the visual elements. With her vivacity of gesture and a honed sense of composition, the artist brings about an intense interplay of colourful textures designed to intensify the atmosphere characteristic of our urban centres.
  • 2017
    Participation in the International Fair Art Week
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2016
    1st prizes in abstraction and animal painting
    Akrainian Art Week , Ukraine
  • 2015
    Participation in the International Biennial Art Miami
    Miami, United States of America (the)
  • 1983
    Kharkiv, Ukraine
(4 Artworks)

4 Artworks

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