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gift for a traveler



Are you looking for an original gift idea for a traveler ? You are at the right place ! Distant landscapes, the call of the sea, vacation decor... More than a work of art, offer escape to your loved ones.

 We have selected for you a wide range of paintings and unique compositions from talented artists. For a special occasion or for the simple pleasure of offering, you will surely find the perfect gift for travelers of all horizons.


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 A unique and original gift for travelers


Art and travel have always been closely linked. Faraway lands and grandiose landscapes have always inspired artists from all over the world. Offering a work of art is not only offering a beautiful object, it is also offering dreams and emotions. What could be a better gift for a traveler passionate about discovery and wide open spaces ?


A work of art for a highly personal gift


It's not always easy to find an original gift that will make a lasting impression. Lacking inspiration ? Forget impersonal gifts and offer a unique work of art that reflects the tastes and aspirations of your loved ones.


Looking for a Christmas gift for a backpacker who travels the world? Remind him of his past travels through a creation that reminds him of his most beautiful discoveries ! Or are you looking for a gift idea for an aspiring traveler who dreams of visiting the world's greatest cities ? You will certainly find the work that will inspire her next trip !


Amaze your loved ones with a piece of art that reflects them


At Carré d'artistes, we select with the greatest care the creations we offer. Always of high quality, they are original and cover all styles so that everyone can find the work that corresponds to themselves. Our Travel collection is no exception to the rule. That's why you can be sure to find the perfect gift for travelers of all ages, whatever their tastes. 






Travel is articulated around various and varied themes. In order that each one can find its happiness, our catalog is representative of these various fields :

- Urban landscapes

- Nature

- Life scene

- Portraits

- Animals


How can you be sure to choose the creation that will be enjoyed by your loved one, the one who will be happy to contemplate and display in his or her living room? How to choose a gift for the traveler eager to discover unknown lands or for the exotic animal lover? Here are a few suggestions that will help you to give pleasure for sure !


A gift inspired by past trips

Past experiences are an excellent source of inspiration. This person regularly talks about discovering Africa or the northern landscapes ? Get inspired and choose a piece of art that relates to this exceptional trip.

  You want to give a gift to a travelling man and loves the ocean ? Choose paintings that focus on the open sea or sandy beaches. A gift for a backpacker who explores the world in his van? A painting that represents his or her most faithful travel companion can be a great idea.



A work of art in harmony with the decoration

The interior design of the person will certainly help you make the right choice. You will find in our catalog works of various styles likely to match all tastes :

- Abstract

- Figurative

- Pop art

- Illustration



Whether you are looking for a gift for a woman traveler who loves bright colors or a gift idea for a man traveler with a zen and refined interior, our collection will meet everyone's preferences.

Discover now the works we have selected for you from recognized artists and young talents and opt for a memorable and exotic present.

Unique art for...

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