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Elisabeth Roche Alazet | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Elisabeth Roche Alazet

  • France

Even as a child, Elisabeth was drawn towards the fine arts, and began her learning process by developing an assiduous practice of drawing. Over the years, she tried her hand at various styles and techniques, with a two-fold objective of enriching her creative potential and perfecting her technique.

It was during 2012 that the artist from Savoy decided to extend her repertoire of graphic work by experimenting with pictorial art and thus started working on her first works on canvas. Until then, Elisabeth had been exclusively focused on figurative art, but from then on she opted to work on abstract art in order to feel the extent of possibilities open to her in this new discipline. This deliberate departure from her comfort zone proved to be fruitful because it offered her the chance to experience a great freedom of expression and techniques, which she immediately adopted. These works are painted spontaneously using acrylic paint, without any prior sketches, through the application or projection of the paint on the canvas. Relying solely on her creative awareness, and armed with her painting knives and paintbrushes, Elisabeth recreates her “feelings in that moment in time” in her paintings. It is like I am in a meditative state, on another “frequency” where time no longer exists. An intuitive painting, the reflection of my innermost self”, she writes.

Playing with tones, shapes and textures, she passionatelyworks to achieve a harmonious and balanced composition, all the while attempting to retain its starkly dynamic and contrasting character, which gives the painting her personal touch.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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