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Marc Hanniet

  • France
  • Painter

As a child, Marc only had one art book at home. This book about Van Gogh was his mother’s precious belonging. He looked through it ceaselessly and was fascinated by a painting of a caravan of travellers. At age 10 his mother took him to the Jeu de Paume Museum, which housed the impressionist collections ( now found in the Musee d’Orsay). On leaving this museum he had only one ambition: to be an artist in his own right.
In the 90’s, a friend lent him a studio and he quit his engineer job with the idea of becoming a full time painter. He wanted to know if he had the necessary creative ability. He enthusiastically spent his savings on materials, and self, taught, he carefully read many books on painting techniques to understand the difficulties. He drew reproductions and made a number of copies, including of Jean-Baptiste Corot and Edouard Manet. He first sought to master techniques before then forgetting everything. In this way Marc learned to be an artist.
At first he devoted himself to landscapes by working them as the Impressionists did. But gradually, rather than paint while in front of the landscapes, he began making sketches that he would use later in his studio. In his second period, Marc explored the possibilities of black ink on white paper. This triggered a desire to no longer paint what he saw, but rather what he felt. Ever since he uses ‘pierre noir’ pencils, charcoal, ink, acrylic and oil, bringing together drawing and colour in a representation that is more narrative than descriptive.
Before beginning to paint he plays the piano or guitar: this experience electrifies him and he feels an irresistible urge to make this joy that invades him real. His works include sensations or feelings. We often find a woman who invites the viewer to enjoy life. Like his subjects, Marc brings to his paintings a positive message of joy and beauty.

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