Olivier Messas

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Born in Vietnam, Olivier moved to France with his family to set up in Lyon where he spent his childhood and his adolescence. Beginning his professional life by learning about and then working in fashion designing in Paris, he would work there for about a decade before starting his pictorial creation in June 2012. In September of the same year, he opened his workshop gallery in Karlsruhe in Germany under the name “COgalerie” and began exhibiting and selling his canvases.

A self-taught painter artist, Olivier adapts his approach to what he developed during his work in the fashion and textile worlds. As such, the artist organises all of his creation around the itemisation of a subject that he reinterprets for a whole year. Designed as small thematic collections, his series tackle the concepts of escape, atmospheres and memories of travel, diversity and freedom of expression.

Although he likes playing with the mixtures of techniques and materials, Olivier, however, privileges the use of oil paint to produce his abstract marines. Thanks to the artist’s choice to resort to the application of a harmonious structural composition enriched by the use of a nuanced and bright chromatic palette, the works “between the sky and the sea” seem to be the mark of great serenity. Inspired by the philosophies and Oriental disciplines such as Buddhism or yoga, “[Olivier’s] paintings transpose [his] emotions and feelings of the moment into colours and shapes, towards a well-being [that he] wishes to be life-saving and regenerating.”