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For over 20 years

We have been catalysts for beautiful encounters. Our mission is to bring together art enthusiasts in search of a piece of art and artists who, through their passion, give life to beauty.

Our Mission is to make your life easier. Everything is designed to make you feel comfortable, so that the only thing that matters is the emotion you experience.


But why do we buy artwork?

At Carré d'artistes, we know why: we buy a piece of art because we like it, because it moves us. It's as simple as that.


Artwork is not an ordinary object...

Artwork is an emotion. It's the pleasure of being transported. It's a unique, singular, and powerful sensation that belongs... only to oneself.

Everyone should be able to experience this. However, it still seems inaccessible, even intimidating, for many.

Have you ever entered an art gallery? It's a strange experience, isn't it? So, we decided that things needed to change.


Making art accessible is now simple

In one of our 40 art galleries worldwide or on our website www.carredartistes.com, discover over 30,000 pieces of art created by talented artists, handpicked, and selected by our art curators.


Founded in 2001, Stéphanie Tosi, a young entrepreneur driven by her passion for artistic creation, had the audacity to pursue her dream: to establish an innovative and welcoming gallery where everyone would want to enter to find their favorite piece of art and maybe even start a collection, step by step.

This dream became a reality.

Since then, a remarkable journey has been undertaken over 35 art galleries have opened worldwide, from Sedona to Beijing, passing through Amsterdam and Paris, featuring over 600 exhibited artists.

With the same desire as always: to help artists make a living from their passion and to introduce the world to unique artworks that challenge the norms of art and decoration.


What does it mean to have a certified unique artwork, exactly?
An artwork created by the hands of a talented artist.
An artwork created at a precise moment, found only here.
An artwork that belongs only to you, that will be found... only in your possession.

A Gallery Near You

With over 35 galleries in Europe, the Middle East, America, and Asia, there is probably a Carré d'artistes gallery near you!

And don't be surprised to discover new ones throughout the year: the family is growing day by day. We wanted our galleries to be warm, welcoming, and open to everyone so that you feel at home.


Like music or dance, art brings us together.
Whether it's online or in our galleries, we love meeting you, exchanging with you, and sharing strong emotions.

Our gallery owners organize vernissages throughout the year, allowing you to interact directly with the artists!


Unique art for...

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