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Abstract paintings

Carré d´artistes presents a large selection of abstract paintings. Abstract painting does not fairly represent reality, to incorporate it onto canvas, it puts color and lines at the disposal of emotions.

What is abstract painting ?

An invitation to feel and imagine

Abstract painting frees itself from the depiction of reality and the world of appearances to develop another vision of the world, which is specific to each artist. The targeted goal is no longer for the public to recognize a landscape or a scene, but for them to discover an unknown reality, a new sensory experience. Abstract painting does not address the viewer’s reason, but the heart and senses.

Various techniques for a range of emotions

The techniques are increasingly innovative to offer us an ever-wider range of emotions. Acrylic paint makes it possible to work with the material, to trigger effects which bank on fluidity and movement. Collage is also much appreciated for the embossed aspect it provides the abstract painting with. Many artists use mixed media such as photography, knife painting. The diversity and mix of techniques allow us to get away from reality.

How did abstract painting manage to make its way up to us?

A little story about abstract painting

It must be known that abstract painting emerged during the second half of the 20th century. During the 1830s, the invention of photography, which rivaled painting, shook-up painters who no longer felt that it was useful representing and depicting the world. This made them question themselves. At the same time, museums were being modernized, they now welcome living artists. It made them want to explore the possibilities offered by painting to play with colors, materials and lines. This moment onward, artists no longer seek to represent the world truthfully, but to translate it through the prism of their sensitivity, their history, their experience. They are more interested in the way of painting than the subject itself.

Even though he was criticized as an "incurable lunatic" in his time, Vassily Kandinsky is widely recognized as THE founder of abstract art. He was the first one to break himself from figurative representation in his paintings. He considers that shapes, colors and the material are enough to trigger an emotion without any need to refer to anything. According to him, this is the way to go to create universal art that passes through continents and eras, because emotion is timeless. In 1925, he painted Jaune-Rouge-Bleu , an explosion of colors and shapes that encourages the viewer to imagine, as according to him, painting must be a means of passing on an emotion or a feeling from the artist to the viewer. He also proclaimed it in spiritual art and painting in particular , in 1911: "The artist is the hand who, through the appropriate use of such and such touch, makes a human soul quiver. "

Other Russian artists are considered to be the pioneers of abstract painting , because it was primarily in Russia that abstract painting actually took off. Kasimir Malevich baffled his contemporaries with his Black square on a white background which deprives art to evoke "the feeling of absence of the object", Sonia Delaunay created profuse work in which abstract art combines with Fauvism and Orphism, movements that flow from abstraction. Other pioneers of abstraction have made an impact in the history of painting: Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter who highlights space on canvas, Kupka who is inspired by his scientific knowledge of colors, to glorify emotions, mainly through his painting An escape through two colors in 1912.

Abstract painters at Carré d’artistes

At Carré d´artistes, take your search for sensations and novelties up a notch! Discover for example the works of Sonia Depaire, an artist from Argentina who works the technique of Fluid painting, mainly through the means of acrylic. Its marine depths smartly vibrate with the mixture of pigments and colors. If you prefer painting in relief, those which take up space, stroll around the gallery of Gérard Clisson , this visual artist invents real dynamics with his technique of "Constructive Destruction "which he mainly produces through collages. In keeping with his time, he uses a lot of salvaged materials. At Carré d'artistes, you can be sure about coming across wonderful abstract discoveries due to our contemporary artists: will you rather be charmed by the rhythmic and colorful abstractions of Thierry Zdzieblo or by the abstract landscapes, featuring South Korean material Yongho Park ? The toughest part will be to choose!


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