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Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of metal sculptures. Metal sculptures have existed since Antiquity but are mainly representative of modern and contemporary sculpture. 

History and techniques 

Metal is a sculpture technique, just like wood, marble, plaster or resin. But there are different metals that are not all handled in the same way and do not have the same historical or artistic "value". Gold, for example, is a very noble metal that is rarely used in sculpture, except for small objects from the royal period, for the aristocracy or for the Church. Copper is a metal used in antiquity to produce decorative objects and some sculptures.

But it is mainly bronze and industrial metals such as iron, steel, aluminium, tin, cement and concrete that are still used to create metal works today. The main advantage of using metal in sculpture is the malleability and strength of the material. There are various processes and methods for making a metal sculpture: casting, wax, lost wax, chiselling, modelling, etc. 


In ancient times, the use of copper, gold or bronze was common for decorative objects. Later on, metal sculpture became quite rare.
Bronze sculptures are mainly found during the Renaissance and classical period and gold sculptures to represent royal or religious power. But the use of industrial metal as we understand it today is recent: it is from the industrial and technical development that metalized sculptures appear. Sculptors have continued to use metal in their work ever since. 

Metal and contemporary art 

The modern era renewed its vision of art and particularly of sculpture. Many artists used relatively new metals or metals that had previously had little artistic value. The art of metal developed rapidly and was thought of differently according to the artistic currents that took hold of it. The use of metal in sculpture is very common today and is constantly evolving. 

Famous metal sculptors 

There are many modern and contemporary sculptors who use metal. Among them, Richard Serra is often mentioned. His sculptures are often monumental but remain attached to the minimalist style, as very few elements are integrated and nothing disturbs the view and the perspective. Moreover, he is known for the high quality of the steel he uses.
In another style, Giacometti is a sculptor who often uses metal: his elongated figures, recognizable among all, are made of bronze, cast iron or sometimes steel. Jean Tinguely's assemblages are also made of metal. We can also mention Louise Bourgeois, who makes many of her works in metal, or Alexandre Calder, who often paints his sculptures made of steel. Or César, who is one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary metal sculptures by contemporary artists such as Frédéric Fortuné and Pablo Macias. 

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