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To avoid missing out on any new talent, the Carré d'artistes art curators browse through the art world, to unveil promising and assertive personalities, at times just graduated from Ivy league universities. Their driving force? Promote the best artists of today! Whether they are painters, sculptors, or illustrators, whether they practice abstraction, figuration, or street art, the 600 visual artists supported and sold by our gallery owners are selected through great care. The first criterion for our art curators to select? Quite simply, a mastered technique. Each artwork is carefully examined to ensure technical excellence. No bubbles in a resin cast on a painting, no unwanted drips, no stains or defects... Because if Carré d'artistes thinks big and has established itself all over the world, the quality of our works remains our top priority!

Moreover, our curators carefully select each artist for their unique work and assertive style. We ensure that each artist has his very own universe, his own touch and that his approach is genuine. The artworks we support are a genuine proposition and highlight a sensitive look with the world... In short, they must have a soul, which touches and moves us. To better trigger the curiosity of each of you and respond to everyone's sensitivity! So, whether you are a neophyte or already an art lover, whether you want to bring a unique touch to your interior or give an emotional present to a loved one, you will definitely find something you like, among our artworks!

Our art curators select the talents of tomorrow on a daily basis, from all over the world for you! Through the same desire as always: to offer you unique and original works!

Stéphanie Tosi is the founder of Carré d'Artistes. Passionate as ever about artistic creation, she mainly followed a course in Fine Arts. She always dreamed of creating an art gallery, but a different art gallery.

Since the creation of Carré d´artistes, she has experienced an extraordinary adventure: both from a creative viewpoint and from a human viewpoint, amid art and her teams.

Stéphanie does not have a style that particularly touches her but is most of all sensitive, to the message and the emotion expressed through a work at a specific moment. Over the course of her career, she has met and supported the creation of several artists, who are committed to their profession and to creation, but also devoted in terms of conveying messages and triggering emotion.

Aurélie Lecou is currently the artistic director of Carré d'Artistes. She has an open mind in every way, not to mention, major curiosity and creativity and certainly a resolute passion for art.

She likes to pamper artists, encourage them to do their best, unite them, shake them up at times and challenge them in a major way. She has perfect knowledge on the work of the artists she represents. A key word boosts her within her team: quality.

She has several kinds of tastes and artistic influences, and they keep evolving constantly. She has a rather open and curious perception of what surrounds her, not to mention, sensitivity for abstract, graphic and colorful minimalist artwork. 

Jérémie Angura has been a gallery owner in Toulouse for more than 7 years.

The aspect he really loves about his job is that he constantly gets the chance to meet new people, whether they are artists, art enthusiasts or simply people looking for their favorite work.

This passion for contemporary art comes from his parents who never ceased to cultivate his artistic curiosity and open-mindedness right since his childhood. He is mostly touched by the semi-abstract style. All it takes is a touch of madness, a dash of poetry and a lot of colors to get one’s imagination going! 

From an early age, Léa Poirot has cultivated her curiosity and knowledge of the artistic world, mainly through various visits to exhibitions. This allowed her to develop an inner world leaning on precious wealth.

Today, she is an art curator at Carré d´artistes, Léa Poirot takes care of artists, pays attention to them, and makes sure that they always give the best of themselves. She knows how to guide them during times of doubt and provides them with new avenues for reflection.

She is open to all styles but is nevertheless rather sensitive to landscapes and poetic works.

Yulia Akimova is the gallery owner of Carré d'artistes Moscow in Russia. On a daily basis, she particularly likes to exchange with the clients of the gallery, to share on art in general and on the artists' approach.

She is keen to share her expertise, and thus to play the role of a mentor, especially on abstract art, how to apprehend and appreciate it.

Abstract and nude art particularly touch her because beyond the aesthetic dimension, they allow each person the freedom to choose, to project themselves, to imagine. They develop the ability to think and dream, moments of escape essential to life.

Marika Vaaranen is the gallery owner of Carré d'artistes Sedona, in Arizona.

She previously taught figurative art creation techniques at private art schools in Los Angeles. She is mostly pleased about the aspect in her job where she gets to accompany, all those who enter her gallery to find their favorite artwork. They will remember this unique experience forever and this helps support the artistic creation.

She is particularly sensitive to impressionist paintings, where the artist leaves enough room for mystery for the viewer, to create his very own story. She also likes figurative painters for their perfect mastery of the technique, as they manage to create magic by breaking certain rules...

After a master's degree in art history, Axelle Berlier is now an art curator. She interacts with artists daily, takes care of finding new talents for the future, present in galleries and online.

What makes her quiver every day? Being as close as possible to creation but also coming across new artists and supporting them in their success.

She is rather sensitive to street and pop art works, what they express, the message they convey, the power of gestures, colors and the artists’s entire universe. 

For more than 6 years now, Sonia Alberton has supported artists and organized their exhibitions in the many Carré d'Artistes galleries in France and abroad.

She is always on the lookout for new talents. The fact that she is able to share this common passion with teams and artists is a real driving force for her.

Sonia admires the ability that artists have to transcribe their emotions, their flaws, their dreams! She has a penchant for poetic figurative works, as they all sweetly tell a story and she is able to seek a presence in all of these, through her own emotions. 

Vanessa Mang has always loved to draw, but her true passion for art came with her studies that lead her to a degree in art history. Today, she manages the Vienna gallery, takes care of her team and helps the artists to constantly develop their style and technique. Her goal is to get the best for her clients.

Semi-abstract art particularly touched her, because according to her, it gives a scenario but the rest is open to our own imagination. It pushes us to use our own fantasy and allows us to be creative...


After working for several contemporary art galleries Morfo decided to start a new adventure in 2014 by joining the gallery team of Carré d’artistes The Hague. 

Her study in Art History & Museology at the University of Amsterdam and working in a bookstore at the art department helped her gain much knowledge about art which she uses every day to inspire people who are looking for their perfect artwork in the gallery. The thing she loves most about her work at Carré d’artistes is the playful interaction with clients and to help them select a painting for their home that really resonates their taste. And for many different tastes there are so many different art styles, that show all different perspectives on culture or a way of thinking....

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