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FLOW painting, also known as Arnaud Florentin, is a visual artist from Nancy, where he still lives and works. The young man was attracted by the field of visual arts from an early age and pursues drawing, painting and sculpture with passion. At the end of sixth-form, his artistic inclinations naturally led him to choose a course dedicated to the practice of the arts. He then joined the School of Fine Arts in his hometown, from which he graduated in 2004.

As a fan of graffiti and spray painting, FLOW creates his works using the dripping technique, a specific way of applying paint to a canvas that was made famous by the American painter Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Armed with a brush or an acrylic-coated brush, FLOW projects the material onto his canvas without ever touching it, thus creating a composition that is both original and spontaneous, consisting of a superposition of thin, resolutely coloured lines. “My painting is simple [he writes]: I paint feelings and emotions which I would like to convey. My painting must live, overflow, explode,
surprise, touch the soul, be free, and express my personality and aspirations”.

As an admirer of the work of the French-Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming (born in 1960), he conceives each of his works like a pictorial performance, whether it is created in the tranquillity of his studio or live, as they are during live paintings. In addition, as a music lover, FLOW likes to surround himself with sound, a source of stimulation, to produce (quasi perform) his portraits, which increases the painter's gestures tenfold, and thus accentuates the dynamism and expressiveness of the subject matter depicted.