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Kitchen trend: modern still lifes

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend a lot of time there: in the morning for breakfast, at noon or in the evening to prepare the daily meal or the family and holiday meals. It is a room where you need to feel good, to start the day in a good mood and to be inspired when cooking good food.

If the walls of this space are empty or bland, you won't want to stay there or prepare small dishes to garnish the dining table. That's why hanging one or more paintings in this space is an original idea, but one that will seduce you once you have admired some of our contemporary still lifes. We invite you to browse through our catalog to find the painting that suits you. Your unique work of art is at hand!

More than a decorative accessory, the still life gives life to this capital room of the house. Goodbye cement tiles on the wall or on the worktop, the trend is for still life. Find our decorating ideas for a small kitchen or a large kitchen at the cutting edge of fashion.
still life decoration kitchen

Why hang a painting in your kitchen?



A kitchen needs to be cheerful, if only to give warmth in the morning to those who have to leave for work. When you drink your morning coffee or tea, looking at a painting, its colors, its different elements, allows you to finish your night, to get lost in what it expresses, to dream a little more. 

Today's modern kitchens are often very design but a bit cold. A nice colored picture will immediately enhance its atmosphere. In addition, they are often open to the dining room or living room; all the more reason for a beautiful picture to be displayed on one of its walls.

The current trend: still life

If the still life knew its beautiful hours in the previous centuries, one will think in particular of "Still Life With Apples” by Paul Cézanne, Here it is back under the brushes of our artists and contemporary painting. It has crossed the XXth century, we find it in the surrealists and in the pop-art, symbolizing the consumer society. But contemporary painting has not denied this art that takes as its subject containers, fruits, flowers, and even ingredients related to food. The current trend of using still life paintings to decorate the kitchen is therefore quite legitimate.


Discover our still life paintings for the kitchen



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What could be more colorful than a mixture of fruits or vegetables? In the collection of paintings offered by Carré d'artistes, works with evocative names such as Sweet Morning (Souza Chico) will be perfect to warm up the atmosphere of breakfast: a white coffee cup, a golden coffee pot, colored fruits, everything is simply put there, in a very warm evocation of this morning moment. Fruits are often present in these paintings: lemons in a compotier, apples and grapes; they are simple wall decorations but very evocative and inspiring for the one who likes to cook.



But the vegetables make just as good an impression: eggplants, with their pretty dark purple hue, onions, green and orange peppers that remind us of the colorful and fragrant Mediterranean gastronomy, or more simply pink and white radishes with their green leaves or white garlic cloves with purple highlights. All this is simple, evocative and will bring freshness to your room.


Sometimes fruits are mixed with flowers: let's quote this very nice painting by Souza Chico: "Pink and white", which gathers on the same canvas a bunch of pink and white peonies in a vase, and on a purple table, apples and a bunch of grapes. In the same spirit, a painting representing simply a bouquet of flowers on a wall of your room will give a lot of chic to this place. Poppies, white peonies or red roses in a burgundy vase, tulips or sunflowers, here is a very trendy decoration and your kitchen in bloom for the whole year.

Refined dishes

For the gourmets, for those who like to have their mouth watering before sitting down to eat, some paintings evoking particular dishes or recipes can be very appreciated by some, like these very realistic "shrimps" in a bowl by Géraldine Morales. Just seeing them makes you want to eat them or prepare them. Cooking is an art, being surrounded by artistic representations of tasty dishes allows you to give yourself totally to the gourmet work you are creating.

Objects and accessories

In these contemporary artworks, objects are often represented. They may accompany, as we saw earlier, fruits, flowers or food: a bowl, a vase, a cup. But sometimes, a still life represents only an accessory, like a "Chinese teapot and bowl" by Tognet, or this other painting by the same artist, representing a blue coffee pot and a beige teapot. These paintings are peaceful, and will give a lot of charm to a wall a little cold and impersonal.

Surrealist still lifes


So far we have talked about figurative paintings. But other paintings can evoke food under a more symbolic aspect. A surrealist painting as a wall decoration allows the viewer to escape from everyday life, to tell himself lots of stories, by letting his imagination go. A very large green apple in the center of the painting, contemplated by small characters wondering what it is doing there (Pascal Lionnet), or by the same artist, a pomegranate displayed in front of a window. Art lovers will appreciate paintings that tell stories and question the viewer.

Very colorful paintings

Some of these contemporary paintings play a lot on color, featuring various cans, sardine cans, canned goods, or liquor bottles with their colorful labels. All these colorful subjects, whether they are fruits, flowers or others, bring warmth to your space. The friends who will come to join you will feel good there, the atmosphere will be easily festive in this room which at the beginning is only a place to prepare food. Your kitchen, decorated in this way and enhanced with all these colors, will become the place where everyone will love to be: a rich, colorful and true place.

How to choose your contemporary still life


Depending on the style of your space, its color, its size, you will have to choose the painting that will enhance it. A large modern kitchen, with white walls, will receive a large painting of contemporary style, why not surrealist. This one will easily find its place there. This large wall of light color can also accommodate three small compositions side by side, each representing a vegetable;
  • radishes
  • eggplant
  • cloves of garlic
or mix the styles:
This will be a fun and original wall decoration. If your space is more rustic, pictures of flowers or fruit on a table will evoke the interiors of yesteryear and give them the old-fashioned charm that we like to find in old houses. Above or framing the stove, pictures of tasty dishes will fit perfectly and furnish this place which is not always very aesthetic.

Also choose your decor in relation to the colors of your walls and create a dream kitchen! Still lifes, which often have shimmering colors, should not be smothered by what is around them. Instead, they should be highlighted and given a little specific lighting, so they can fully play their decorative role. Adopt this artistic style!

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