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7 good reasons to go to Art Basel Paris, international contemporary art fair

- 09/09/2022
Art Basel Paris 2022- International Contemporary Art Fair

2022 marks a turning point in the history of the annual international contemporary art fair in Paris. After decades under the aegis of FIAC, the fair is now replaced by a Parisian variation of the famous Art Basel fair, which is called Paris+. In this article, we will give you 7 good reasons to go to the new international contemporary art fair Art Basel, whether in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, etc...


Art Basel, or Paris+ if we want to be exact, is organized in three distinct sectors that promote different aspects of contemporary art creation. Built around a separate building, the fair is an opportunity to get acquainted with works from all over the world, but also to take a closer look at what is being done in France. The main goal of the art fair is to make discover or rediscover modern and contemporary art to the general public as well as to art lovers, far from the auction rooms.

  1. The Grand Palais

    The event is held like the FIAC in the Grand Palais. However, during the building's renovation, Art Basel is held in the ephemeral Grand Palais.

    The building hosting the exhibition is worth the trip in itself. Designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and built by GL Events, the structure fits in perfectly with the Champ-de-Mars. Designed in an eco-responsible manner, it combines a PEFC wood frame with a skin made of a fabric with exceptional thermal, acoustic and breathable properties. The building is also modular, which allows it to be adapted to the many types of events scheduled. Its ample volumes and rounded lines echo the silhouettes of the Petit and Grand Palais.

  2. "Galeries": quality, originality and diversity of the works of art

    With 143 galleries present, the "Galleries" sector is the largest of the event. You will find works of extraordinary quality, in a wide variety of genres and techniques. Painting and sculpture, of course, but also drawing, photography or digital art, all types of mediums are present.

  4. "Emerging galleries": to the discovery of rising talents

    More modest in size, the "Emerging Galleries" sector is made up of smaller structures, which put forward names that are not very well known at the moment. But don't be deceived! Among these young artists whose work is still confidential are nuggets not to be missed.

  6. "Sites": an exhibition beyond the walls

    Beyond the premises of the Champ-de-Mars, the organizers also play the card of the exhibition outside the walls with the sector "Sites". The fair goes beyond the historical sector of the Champ-de-Mars, giving carte blanche to young artists and their artistic projects in Paris.

  8. Artworks that come from far away

    This international event is an unparalleled opportunity to encounter works from distant galleries. Works that you would not normally have the opportunity to see. Let's mention here the presence in Paris in October of the Japanese gallery Taka Ishii Gallery or the American Karma, among others.

  10. (Re)discover what is done in France

    Paris+ will also be an opportunity to renew your view of current creation in France. The Parisian galleries are particularly well represented: Le Minotaure, Sultana, Marcelle Alix and many others. All display works that reinvent the city and the Parisian artistic landscape, inviting you to take a fresh look at the capital. A true national museum!

  12. Artworks for all tastes

    Given the large number of exhibitors, artists, and modes of creation represented, you can expect a fair teeming with creative variety. If you are a fan of bright colors, you will appreciate the works of the Andréhn-Schiptjenko or Sultana galleries. The pop version of nature is on display with the paintings of Sophie Barber (Chris Sharp). As for Nile Koetting's mixed-media installations (Parliament gallery), you're sure to be impressed by them. Everyone started to ask the question "How can I exhibit at FIAC?" and they are finally invited.

Carré d’Artistes democratizes contemporary art


At Carré d'Artistes there is also something for everyone. Whether you like figurative or abstract art, surrealism or Pop Art, bold colors or soft shades, you will find your future favorite in our online gallery.

At Carré d'Artistes, we have at heart to promote the current creation. We help you to go to the meeting of little known artists. By offering you to acquire their works, we support, with you, the effervescent world of modern art. This is our contribution to cultural wealth. Digital tools are great facilitators of contacts between artists and potential buyers. Carré d'Artistes positions itself as a privileged intermediary; we bring art to you, on your screen and in your living room.

The new face of the Parisian event promises to be high in flavor. Exhibitions of works, but also conferences and animations will mark these exceptional days in the Parisian and international cultural landscape. Make a note of the dates! We can only encourage you to go there. You will be amazed by the richness and diversity that awaits you. The same ones that guide us every day in our activity, at Carré d'Artistes.


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