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Salon Maison et Objet - January 2024 - Paris

- 17/01/2024

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the chic and trendy world of "Maison et Objets 2024"? This year, the show at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, from January 18 to 22, is transformed into a futuristic playground where design and nature merge in style. Just imagine: this is the 30th edition, and they've decided to pull out all the stops! It's time to immerse yourself in future trends in design, decoration and art!


Maison et Objet 2024: a new lease of life for interior design

The show features no fewer than 600 new exhibitors, some 40 conferences, and 15 sectors. If that doesn't inspire you...

MOM Maison&Objet and More

2024 honors the event's marketplace to our great delight. From now on, discover and order online the very latest trends in decoration and design, available all year round. Super convenient, but beware of splurging! Stop by MOM Village, where you'll find the furniture and decorative objects that have been most consulted on the platform. You'll be able to judge the most cutting-edge pieces!

Maison&Objet in the City

From January 17 to 22, this business-oriented event takes visitors on a tour of 100 Parisian addresses specializing in decorating excellence: decorators, interior architects, galleries, major houses and exceptional craftsmen. Take a stroll through Maison Elie Saab, Les Ateliers de Paris and many other (re)discoveries.

Tech Eden : the future of our home

Tech Eden at Maison&Objet 2024 is like a futuristic garden. Imagined by Peclers Paris, it speaks of a new era where science and nature coexist for a sustainable future. They've created unique experiences to rethink hospitality: wellness cafés, gym stations in transit spaces and hotel rooms transformed into personal spas. Each space, with its own special touch, invites awakening, activity or regeneration. It's a perfect combo of well-being, design and futurism.


For their double anniversary, Maison&Objet and Baccarat join forces in a scintillating celebration. Baccarat, marking its 260th anniversary, and Maison&Objet, for its 30th, present "Alchimie, l'expérience immersive". This collaboration highlights creativity, boldness and innovation. The exhibition takes visitors on a visual journey through Baccarat's workshops, combining history and craftsmanship to explore new territories of luxury. This union underlines the shared values of excellence and transmission between the two houses.

WHAT’S NEW? in Retail / in Decor

At "Maison&Objet 2024", the "What's New?" spaces in Retail and Décor offer an immersion in the latest trends in design and decoration. "What's New? In Retail", orchestrated by François Delclaux and BETC Design, presents innovations for retail outlets, in a natural, soothing setting. "What's New? In Decor", directed by Elizabeth Leriche, explores new trends in interior design, with themes inspired by nature, such as deserts, oceans and lush forests.

Hospitality Lab

Cristiano Benzoni, co-founder of Studio REV with Sophie Thuillier, is highlighted at "Maison&Objet". Their studio, known for projects ranging from luxury to collective housing, recently refurbished the Maison de Beauté Carita in Paris. For "Maison&Objet", they created an innovative scenography for the Hospitality Lab space, blending generosity, gourmandise and spectacle. Benzoni adopts an elite philosophy accessible to all, favoring timeless, natural designs, while responding to today's ecological challenges.

Les designers


Mathieu Lehanneur, “Designer of the year”

Mathieu Lehanneur, named Designer of the Year 2024 by Maison&Objet, is a true design genius. He mixes art, design, science and techno to create breathtaking stuff. With his own brand, he has carte blanche to innovate. Inspired by nature and science, he collaborates with scientists and craftsmen to create magical works of art. For Maison&Objet 2024, he presents "Outonomy", a project that mixes habitat, human needs and the latest technologies.

Rising Talent Awards

For Maison&Objet's Rising Talent Awards 2024, the jury is focusing on the mix of high-tech and traditional know-how. Rather than focusing on a single country, this year they are rewarding young designer-researchers for their innovative approach to digitalization. The jury, a mix of experts in art, science and transmission, has selected talents who fuse technology and craftsmanship. The projects presented range from the use of bio-materials for garments to designs influenced by digital imaging, showing a new generation of craftsmen who combine techniques and materials to take design to the next level.

Home decor trends in images


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