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What gift to give to an animal lover? 


Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to a family member, a colleague or a loved one? Are you looking for an original gift, not found just anywhere, that will touch them and make them happy? We have the solution for you!


We offer many works of art that will move your loved ones and plunge them into the heart of a painting that corresponds perfectly to them. We have a large collection of works for animal lovers.

Get all the advice you need for your gifts : 

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🎨Opt for street art animals painting in your decoration


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People who are passionate about animals are often sensitive people. So, to please them, giving them a gift that will stay in their memory and awaken their sensitivity is one of the best ways.

 For this, opting for art is a wise choice. The latter has the particularity of being both physical and spiritual. Your friend will first be conquered by the animal representation of the work, but also by the soul of the latter which will make him feel positive emotions every time he looks at it. 

 Giving a spiritual gift will ensure that you get away from the usual banalities. Your friend will thank you for the new decoration of his interior and for all the emotions he will feel thanks to you. Numerous scientific studies have proven that art has many benefits on our physical and mental health. Thus, your friend who will have the chance to benefit from this original gift will see his well-being improved. 
Art is one of the few gifts that can be kept for a long time. When a box of chocolates is finished in a few days, the painting you choose for your friend will be around for years to come, retaining its beauty, charm and emotional impact. 

Another indisputable advantage of art is that it is unique! The work you choose to offer exists in a single copy, which gives it a great value and will allow your friend's decoration to stand out from all the others.





Are you now convinced that a work of art is the best solution in your original gift ideas for an animal lover? All you have to do is choose the one that will perfectly suit your friend and will move him or her.


At Carré d'artistes, we offer many artistic styles. There is something for everyone. You will have to choose the one that will be the most likely to touch your friend.

  • The abstract style: it does not focus on the representation of the animal or the visible model in general. What is important to see and feel are the shapes and colors that are available to you.

  • Singular art: it is a derivative of art brut. More daring, it is often difficult to understand. Nevertheless, it is relatively rare and our works that follow this style are unique and expressive.

  • The figurative style: it focuses on the representation as it is. It is the style that represents animals in the exactness, in the closest possible way to reality. Some works are even close to photography by their precision.
  • Pop art: it mixes with precision many colors with just as many forms. This art is simple and accessible. Its bright colors are not always easy to associate with a decoration.

If your friend prefers simple decorations, it will not be the best style to choose. On the other hand, if the person you want to give the piece to likes originality and extravagant colors, it will be the perfect present.

  • Street art: like pop art, it is often accompanied by bright colors and does not go unnoticed in a room. It's best to go with this style if your friend likes originality, bright colors and extravagant representations.
  • Surrealism: it has the ability to immerse the observer in another world. The representation of surrealist works does not seek to represent reality but to immerse us in new thoughts. It is the ideal style to awaken the mind and develop the imagination.


Which animal to choose?


Once you've decided on the style of artwork that will best suit your friend, you'll need to choose an animal that is similar to him and will touch his sensibilities. Some people may be attracted to pets, such as cats, which will appeal to many. This independent and elegant animal is represented in many forms. 

The horse is one of the most appreciated animals. It awakens the spirit by its wild, lively and majestic side. Wild cats are also highly sought after. The strength, the discretion, the eye of a tiger or a lion imposes an astonishing respect which is felt in the art. 

Some animal representations evoke gentleness or humor. Your final choice should match your friend's main character traits in order to make him or her feel the maximum amount of emotion. The representation of the work should be in phase with his personality.

animal idée cadeau

What size for my gift?


We offer square or rectangular formats, more or less large. Choosing the size of your artwork can be tricky, here is our advice: it is better to adapt the size of your present according to the decoration of your friend. 

If you are decorating a large space, a large house or an apartment with a large, bright room, it is best to choose a large piece. A smaller representation would fade too much in the room and would quickly become invisible. On the other hand, if your friend lives in a relatively small space with walls already loaded with decorations, it will be better to choose a small work that blends in with the decor without standing out negatively by its exorbitant size.



Choose the color of the artwork


We offer a wide range of sizes for your artwork but also many colors. Your choice will depend on your friend's current decoration, but also on his personal taste. If the decoration already in place is relatively sober, it will be preferable to choose an original painting with many colors to awaken the living space.

 On the contrary, if the decoration already set up is strewn with various colors, it will be better to choose a representation with simple colors to avoid overloading the place. If your friend has an original and extravagant character, there is a good chance that he or she will particularly appreciate colorful and eccentric works. On the other hand, if the temperament of the person to whom you wish to offer the work is more composed and classic, a simpler work will do perfectly.



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