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Decorating trend : Animals in your home


Artistic works, such as paintings, are an ornamental element in a home. They embellish the walls and complete the overall decoration. Animal paintings are becoming popular in interior design. Whether for animal lovers or an art lover, wildlife depictions bring a touch of liveliness to the home.

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Are you hesitating to choose the painting that will complete your decoration? Animal paintings are the perfect wall accessories. Many varieties of wildlife representations exist for this purpose. They can imitate animal photographs or result from the imagination of the painter.


They present an infinite possibility of illustrations and colors. Our gallery offers you more than 1,700 animal paintings to satisfy your desires. Moreover, this accessory can be reconciled with all styles of interior design. Among other things, the animal painting design can be integrated into a modern, contemporary, wild, bohemian, industrial or cocooning decoration.

In addition to the landscape paintings that give a sense of escape, the animal paintings demonstrate an impressive realism. The staging of wildlife in its environment immerses you in this world of its own. These paintings bring a warm and serene atmosphere to your home.

The animal murals hold the attention of visitors, because they are captivating. The wildlife depicted seems to bring the room to life. They are also appreciated, because they :

- Enhance the interior decoration,

- allow many possibilities of arrangement,

- are customizable and allow for the representation of animals.





In order to match a modern animal painting to the rest of the accessories in a room, certain conditions must be met. Like other decorative elements, these works of art must be chosen according to the characteristics and the layout of the room in which they are displayed.


The size of the canvas


Knowing the size of the painting allows you to find a place for it. Indeed, the size plays an important role in interior design. It allows you to combine elements of the same scale or accessories of different proportions.

In addition, the surface of the room determines the size of this work. For a small space, we recommend our 13 cm canvases. Other paintings that measure between 19 cm and 50 cm in length are also suitable for small areas.

On the other hand, opt for 80 cm or 100 cm canvases if you have a fairly large wall. You can also combine paintings of different sizes for more elegance on your wall. This approach allows you to exploit your heel in terms of decoration.


The style of the painting


A variety of styles are available for designer animal paintings. They can be abstract or figurative, adopt the pop art or street art style, follow the surrealist movement or result from the artist's imagination.

Modern animal paintings offer a multitude of creative possibilities to the painter. They can be done in different ways, either in graffiti, watercolor, acrylic or oil. They can also choose from an infinite number of colors.

Among other things, he can paint a canvas using two shades of color, make one tone dominate over the others or mix all the shades to obtain an original work. The artist can also draw one or more animals on his canvas to convey a message and attract the attention of buyers.

painting deco animals

The representation in the painting


If you opt for a decorative painting of animals, you should know that the fauna painted on it can reflect your behavior. According to some beliefs, animals are a spiritual representation of your personality, it is your animal totem.

Nevertheless, you can opt for a design animal painting that illustrates an animal that you particularly like, such as the representation of a dog or a cat. These images bring tenderness and softness to the room.

In addition, this choice can be guided by your decorating style. Among other things, take a work that shows a wild animal to give elegance in your design. Wild animals on paintings bring a touch of exoticism and are a source of escape.


The placement of the artwork


A watercolor or acrylic animal painting can be altered by continuous exposure to daylight. The colors become dull and dark. Therefore, to preserve the condition of this painting and facilitate its maintenance, the location is to be taken into account.

Among others, it is necessary to choose a wall perpendicular to the window. This location will indirectly protect the canvas from heat and ultraviolet rays. In addition, it must be accessible to facilitate the maintenance of the painting. Note that dust can damage the canvas.

The lighting is also an important factor, because the heat produced by the lamp can change the appearance of the painting. Thus, an LED bulb is ideal for illuminating the room, because the light it emits does not harm the painting.

painting deco animals





Modern animal paintings are suitable for any style of interior design. They can be placed in any room as long as you choose the right illustration. These paintings will be placed in strategic locations so that they are visible to all.

Among other things, the configuration of furniture and other decorative elements must be harmonized with the appearance of the painting.

In the Living Room

The representations of wild animals in a white and black tone are suitable for living rooms of modern, contemporary or industrial style. These paintings in XXL format bring elegance to the design.

For a minimalist and zen decoration, opt for our monochrome paintings that illustrate tigers, zebras or elephants with a lost look. In addition, a variety of colors can be associated with these works to adapt them to a bohemian decoration.


In the dining room

Opt for designer animal paintings to beautify your dining room. Depictions of fish, sea mammals or exotic birds are suitable for this room. The colors associated with these paintings create an atmosphere that is both soothing and stimulating.
We also offer original paintings of wild animals carrying fruit on their backs. These paintings are ideal for this room, as the presence of edible food will whet the appetite.

In a bedroom

  Regardless of the color or style of the painting, the bedroom can accommodate different types of paintings. Nevertheless, if you are fond of a particular animal, it is best to place it in your bedroom, as the sight of the painting will soothe you.

 If you want to hang animal paintings in your children's room, opt for colorful images with simplified lines. In this sense, we offer original works that feature cartoon characters, such as Scooby Doo or Garfield.

In the hallway

 To furnish the hallway, the choice of the animal design picture must match the rest of your interior decoration. This aisle should have the same features as the elements used in the previous rooms of your house, especially those in the living room.

 Choose a large canvas or small frames that display similar species to those in other areas to harmonize your interior. The variety of animals, even though they are in paintings, could make your home look like a zoo.



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