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What are the different types of animals paintings ? 


Many people love animals. Often represented in painting or photography, they represent a true source of inspiration for some. The animal painting allows to establish an artistic work that will touch a maximum of people. The mixture of the animal world and that of art allows to form very diversified works, evoking elements very different from each other and awakening in the observer emotions and feelings very varied.

 Animals and especially the paintings that represent them can touch us in different ways. Some will impose respect, others will make us feel softness, others still amusement or tenderness depending on the type of paintings. Carré d'artistes offers you a large number of different types of animal paintings.

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painting multicolored animals




We propose a very particular type of painting representing animals of all colors. These paintings do not seek to represent a realistic world but to open us to new emotions, to make us travel in a world which does not exist. The choice of colors is worked by the artist who wishes to pass a message.

The assemblies of colors lead us to specific emotions. Some paintings of animals will make you feel an intense joy, while others will plunge you into a darker atmosphere. These colors accompany an animal that also plays on our emotions. Its posture, its place in the painting and its expression will contribute to give you a precise message established by the painter.

Very used in modern decoration, paintings of this type must be hung carefully and find a place among your decoration. If your room is already very busy with bright colors, it is preferable to choose a painting with less original colors. On the other hand, if your living room is poor in color, bright colors will awaken the soul of your room.




The jungle is a mysterious environment that we know very little about. Its decor is so different from those we are used to seeing that it fascinates us. Thus, the choice of the artists to represent animals of this natural space inevitably leads us to a certain admiration and to realize our ignorance concerning the way of life of these animals. These paintings can also allow you to escape into a world that seems unreal but which exists. 

The paintings representing the animals of the jungle in their environment are often loaded with elements reminding us that the vegetation of this natural living place occupies a considerable space. This important occupation of space brings a real plus to the paintings. They are very rich in natural representation. The plants as well as the animals take place on the canvas and plunge you into their wild universe and full of mystery.

jungle animals painting
table of animals of the savanna



The savannah is a more open place than the jungle, more scattered, bringing a very different atmosphere. The animals living in this space are imposing, free, wild and majestic. The two most famous animals are the lion and the giraffe. Both of them fascinate by their greatness and power and are generally much appreciated and admired.

The king of animals is represented in different forms on the paintings we offer. The representation of the savannah brings warm colors to the painting, which will transmit this quality to your living space and make it very warm. 

The advantage of these paintings is that they can be easily integrated into any type of decoration. Some artists like to create an original contrast by representing a savannah animal with a painting style reminiscent of pop art. This type of painting is offbeat and ensures a unique decoration for your home. It brings a very appreciable humorous touch.




The representation of dressed animals in painting is relatively common. This type of animal painting attracts the eye and creates a certain curiosity in the observer. The purpose of these paintings is not to make a realistic painting, but rather to put forward a certain comparison between animals and humans.

The fact of dressing an animal humanizes it. This leads us to reflect on our condition and that of the animals.

 The paintings of this type can lead to various interpretations. One can imagine that the animal represented feels closer to man than to its species. In general, these animals have a very human expression.

 This can denounce, for example, the mistreatment that some animals may suffer because of man. One can also imagine that this is not the case and that the artist simply seeks to bring a touch of humor and extravagance to his work.

picture of dressed animals
painting of funny animals




An animal painting can represent animals with a humorous touch. There are many ways to add humor to a painting. The animal can be dressed up, stand in an original position, have a goofy facial expression or all of these at the same time. It is also possible to convey a sense of amusement to the viewer by painting a funny scene.

 This scene being only a fixed image in time, the painting lets you use your imagination to guess what could have happened before and what will happen after the pictured moment. Sometimes the suggestion will be more entertaining than a more directive painting. You will find among our animal paintings many humorous representations of all kinds.




Forest animals generally arouse a lot of interest. Indeed, they live in an environment that is familiar to us, yet we rarely see them. Many people find themselves in the wild and discreet character of these animals. Thus, the paintings representing them bring out many emotions in its observer. 

The expression of these animals has a great influence on the emotional message that the painter seeks to convey. A frightened look will make the observer feel uncomfortable and worried, while a calm expression will bring a certain serenity to the room where the painting is displayed.


forest animal painting
african animals paintings




African animals are often represented in paintings and are widely used in wall decorations. Wild animals command respect with their grace, strength, power and mystery. People who dream of going on a safari or have already been on one are particularly touched by these representations.

 The animal world in Africa is so different from that of Europe that it awakens in the observer a sense of curiosity and a thirst for discovery. The contemplation of such a painting will allow your mind to travel and escape into a new environment.

The painting of animals representing an African environment as well as one or more African species is often used as decoration in living rooms. Very often represented on black and white or street art, the animal paintings of Africa harmonize perfectly with the interiors. The animal painting : its charm and originality will seduce you every time you have the opportunity to admire it.



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