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Art as a gift for Christmas


Christmas is coming and you want to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you change the usual presents to offer them an original gift like art. There is no lack of ideas at Carré d'artistes. In this sense, we invite you to offer them a work of art for Christmas.


Why offer art for Christmas?


Giving art as a Christmas gift may not be the first idea you have. However, you won't regret making this choice, as there are many benefits to giving a piece of art to a loved one.

  • Giving a work of art for Christmas shows how much you want to please your loved one. It is a personal choice, because you have to select a painting or a sculpture to your loved one's taste. You need to know him/her perfectly to please him/her.

Moreover, finding a beautiful piece of art takes time. There are many on the market with various themes and colors. If you are aware of your efforts, your loved one will be happy, especially if the gift is suitable for them.

  • A piece of art is an exceptional gift for a special occasion like Christmas. Receiving a beautiful piece of art to put in the middle of the living room is always a pleasure.

  • If your loved one is happy when he or she receives the gift, he or she will always be happy every time he or she walks by.

  • By giving a work of art to a loved one, you are also giving a piece of yourself. The recipient will always think of you when they see the painting or sculpture.


Who do you give a gift to?

find the perfect Christmas gift

Where to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones?


It is important to know a place to buy art for your Christmas gift. At Carré d'artistes, we offer many alternatives to find the perfect present.

We invite you to one of our art galleries to take a close look at what we offer. You can find your favorite with or without the help of our gallery owners. They are at your disposal for more information or advice.

Experienced, they accompany you to guide you in your choices. Their objective is to help you buy a work in your style or the one you wish to offer the present to. For your information, you can meet one of our artists, as we organize vernissages and exhibitions throughout the year.

Another possibility is to buy the artwork on our website. This option is ideal if you don't have time to come to our galleries.

Rest assured, you will find as many works in our catalog as in our galleries. More than 26,000 works are waiting for you. Among others, you will find paintings of all styles, including street art and pop art.



When you think of art as a gift, you probably already think of painting. It is the most popular form of art, both for adults and children. Giving a beautiful painting is an original Christmas gift that will enhance the decoration of any room.  You can be sure that this small gift will please your loved one because of its aesthetic and originality.

In one of our galleries or on our website, you will surely find the painting you are looking for. A large choice awaits you in terms of size and color. The paintings also deal with different themes such as urban life, landscape, nudity, marine life and many others. Depending on the artist behind the artwork, the technique used also differs:

For the types, you can choose between figurative, abstract, illustration, street and pop art. For example, you will find works by Silveira Saulo or Hévin Christian if you are looking for an abstract work. In illustration, the realizations of Bourdet Sabine or Maury Hervé can suit you.

original painting for Christmas gift
Christmas gift art




Street art and pop art are paintings that are aimed at a young audience that appreciates modern works. Street art painting is influenced by street practices. There are several artists who have been able to transport works of art from public walls onto paintings. You can find them in our online art gallery or in one of the galleries.


This Christmas gift can be given to an art and drawing enthusiast. Even the youngest will appreciate having them in their room. These works can even awaken the artist's soul within them.

Moreover, the characters and cities represented are often well-known. The messages are also easy to understand. This aspect makes these art forms easily accepted by people who receive them for the first time.


For example, Graffmat's "Seeking Inspiration" and Fermla's "Girl Power" may work for you. You're probably familiar with characters like Charlie Chaplain, Snoopy, Mario and Pink Panter. There are many similar works in our pop art catalog. These works can be enjoyed by your teenagers as Christmas gifts.




At Carré d'artistes, you will find a large choice of sculptures to offer as Christmas gifts. We work with various sculptors with multiple talents. If your loved one appreciates animals, you can choose among the animal sculptures available in our galleries. 

If the person is romantic, the VL signed artwork entitled "Heartskull red rod" can be the perfect gift. What better way to profess your love than with a big red heart.

Other sculptures under several themes are waiting for you at Carré d'artistes. We invite you to find them in our online art gallery. You will be surprised by the inspirations of our artists, because there is something for everyone. Some of our sculptures are made of cartoon characters that even your children will like.

For your information, our sculptures are made of many materials: wood, clay, bronze, metal. You can choose the model you need according to the recipient's interior decoration. Among other things, our sculptures can be placed in the living room or the garden.

sculpture as gift christmas

Why should you buy your gifts at Carré d'artistes?


The most obvious answer is the variety of our proposals. You will surely find a work of art that suits the tastes of your loved ones in our galleries: sculptures or paintings. Moreover, the themes are varied on our site. The sculptures and works are also proposed with different sizes to meet the constraints of space.

Moreover, the proximity is another of our assets. It is possible to find a Carré d'artistes gallery, even abroad. More than 30 spaces are open for you in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to a wide choice, your loved ones are sure to receive a unique Christmas gift. They can boast of having a work of art that cannot be found elsewhere. Indeed, we offer works of art made by talented artists in a single copy.

In addition to being unique, our artworks are original and of high quality. The artists we accompany are rigorously selected by our experienced curators. These works also come with a certificate of authenticity to prove their originality.




Unique art for...

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