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Mixed media painting : Work by Poumelin Richard, City

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Discover the mixed media technique with Carré d'artistes through a selection of paintings encompassing a wide range of artistic styles. By doing so, you will grasp the depth that mixed media art can offer.

If you're looking to buy a unique and original mixed media painting, you've come to the right place. Whether in our gallery or on our website, you will find your happiness in this selection of paintings.

An overview of our finest mixed media paintings to purchase!
At Carré d'artistes, discover in our gallery and on our website, a wide selection of contemporary paintings. Acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, whatever the style ... each work is unique and certified.

An overview of our finest mixed media paintings to purchase!



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Which mixed media painting at Carré d'artistes

You will be captivated by the figurative paintings of artist Odile Escolier, who creates highly structured and minimalist settings with stylized characters.

Alternatively, explore other mixed media paintings by Roma Gaia, who creates figurative artworks using various materials such as acrylic, ballpoint pen, chalk, India ink, and markers.

What is mixed media painting?
Mixed media art is a practice as diverse as the means of conveying emotions on canvas. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a subcategory of art as it is not codified. It's worth noting that this technique is as old as the invention of painting and evolves as new processes are invented.

An artwork is classified as mixed media when an artist utilizes multiple techniques, materials, or supports to create their piece. At the very least, a painting created using two mediums falls into this category.

This practice was common in Asia, where painters often added inks. Western mixed media painting gained prominence with William Turner, who mixed gouache and watercolor to complete "Scarlet Sunset." This combination allowed the master landscape artist to alternate the translucent softness of watercolor for a slightly hazy background and use gouache to accentuate the more opaque details.

Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, made a significant contribution to mixed media techniques in painting. His mixed media paintings are true artistic gems that showcase his creative genius and ability to push the boundaries of traditional art. Picasso explored the endless possibilities of mixed media by combining mediums such as oil painting, watercolor, collage, and drawing. His mixed media artworks are a testament to his innovative approach, using different mixed media techniques to create works of exceptional depth and expressiveness. By experimenting with textures, colors, and shapes, Picasso revolutionized mixed media painting, opening new paths for artists worldwide. His legacy in the field of mixed media continues to inspire contemporary artists to explore and push the limits of their creativity.

Georges Braque also employed this technique in his still life painting, "Compotier et carte." He began by creating an oil-based background before enhancing the luminous brilliance with charcoal and pencils.

More recently, Andy Warhol expressed his vision of pop art through a rich array of techniques. In addition to oil or acrylic paint, he complemented his works with ink and pencil.


The advantages and possibilities of mixed media painting


Mixed media painting offers an infinite palette of advantages and possibilities that ignite our artistic creativity. With this captivating technique, artists can venture into a world of limitless artistic exploration. Imagine the bold fusion of acrylic, oil, watercolor, and other unexpected materials to create unique and captivating artworks.

Mixed media paintings are truly a festival of textures, colors, and dimensions. It is a mixed media art technique that encourages experimentation and the discovery of new perspectives. Artists can play with mixed media collages : layers, overlays, collages, scratches, glazes, and impastos, combining blending techniques to bring astonishing masterpieces to life.

The possibilities are limitless, and each mixed media painting becomes a unique and personal expression of our artistic vision. Mixed media painting is a true fireworks display of creative expression that begs to be explored and celebrated!


How is the mixed media painting technique practiced? ? 

The practice of mixed media art offers a fascinating exploration ground for artists. How is it practiced? It all begins with the desire to combine different mediums and materials, including both wet and dry ingredients, to create a unique artistic composition. To separate a mixture, understanding separation techniques is essential. When a mixture involves a combination of dry and wet mediums, such as oil paint and solid elements like colored pencils, artists can explore various methods to separate the components of a homogeneous mixture. Sometimes, techniques like heating the mixture or using filtration can effectively separate solid particles from liquids.

In the realm of mixed media art, artists often keep an art journal where they experiment with different techniques and materials. This journal serves as a personal space for exploration and documentation of their artistic journey.

A decantation bulb can also be used to separate a heterogeneous mixture, allowing solid particles to settle at the bottom of the container, while the clear liquid remains on top. By employing these diverse separation techniques, artists can fully embrace the wide range of materials available to them and achieve remarkable visual effects in their mixed media creations.

The variety of materials and techniques used in mixed media art make it an incredibly versatile art form. Artistic expression can be further enhanced by combining elements from different mediums to create a more dynamic artwork. Whether it’s combining oil paint with charcoal or incorporating found objects into a collage, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, mixed media art can be a great way to explore a theme or concept from different angles, allowing the artist to express their ideas and emotions in a variety of ways. With the wide range of works available from Carré d'artistes, you're sure to find something that speaks to you and helps you express your unique vision.Come and discover the mixed selection offered by Carré d'artistes, which brings together unique contemporary artworks encompassing a wide and dynamic range of artistic styles.

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