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How to decorate a child's room with paintings?



Looking for tips on how to decorate a child's room with paintings? You are at the right place. Carré d'artistes helps you choose the perfect and unique picture to decorate your child's den. We have already selected for you dozens of paintings and sculptures that will perfectly fit a child's universe.


decorating a child's room


Which paintings for the bedroom of his little one?


Carré d'artistes offers you the works of about thirty artists with very different styles to decorate your child's room. Explore our online gallery to discover their unique creations. Here you will find naive animals, dreamlike settings, colorful scenes and unexpected associations. You will recognize characters from famous tales or cartoons and meet others, new ones, straight out of the artists' imagination.

You will notice that the paintings we propose here are all figurative. Abstract art is indeed less suitable for this room. Familiar objects, characters and animal motifs dot the children's world like so many landmarks.


Choose a work according to your age

For toddlers, choose soft images that are ideal for creating a reassuring and calming atmosphere. Pastel shades work well. But also consider bright colors that will stimulate baby. The choice will depend largely on the hues adopted for decorating the room.
Whatever color scheme you choose, we recommend animal subjects. With their naive features and their good looks, they will be perfect companions for the youngest.

For older children, the choice of artwork will depend on their tastes and preferences. Usually, little girls turn to princesses, fairies and butterflies, while boys prefer dinosaurs or sports scenes. You'll find all that at Carré d'artistes, and more.
But beyond these traditional considerations, it's all about your child's taste. Your toddler and you will surely find happiness among the vast choice that we put at your disposal. And you will certainly enjoy browsing through our gallery of works. You will see that we offer a large number of mixed and neutral paintings.


A variety of styles for a multitude of decorative worlds

Each artist infuses his or her creations with an originality that is felt at first glance. We are thus able to offer you works that are touching, poetic and amusing. Some of them are calm and tender, while others, more tonic, are full of joy and fantasy. All make you dream.

Pop art, street art, naive art, surrealism... Carré d'artistes selects for you works with very different styles but with recognized pictorial qualities. The touch of the different painters can be seen in the lines of their paintings as well as in the techniques they use. Paint and mixed techniques create different textures effects according to the pictures.


A unique work of art for your child's room

At Carré d'artistes, we are committed to offering exceptional works of art that you will not find anywhere else. When you hang one of our paintings on the walls of your child's room, you make the choice :

Decorate the walls of his room with a painting, and the whole room takes on another dimension. It becomes brighter, more personal and has its own cachet. A picture hung on the wall has this incomparable power to contribute to the development of a personal environment. But not only...
  • to awaken the aesthetic and artistic sensitivity of your child;
  • to discover and support living artists, with singular universes;
  • to get off the beaten track of mass production. You acquire a unique work of art, for a person who is just as unique.




The square format of our paintings brings modernity to the walls of the room they decorate and fits easily into any interior. Moreover, this type of format allows multiple combinations, like the building blocks that our children love.

You can opt for a single element or arrange several together. Play with the dimensions of the images. Will you choose to juxtapose a large painting and several smaller ones, or several creations of the same size? In this case, arranging the paintings in a row, horizontally or vertically, is a classic and always winning option. Align several images of the same dimensions, making sure to space them regularly, for a beautiful effect.

But there are many other possibilities: square, cross, symmetrical or not... It all depends on the effect you want to achieve, and the space you have available! For a successful decoration, it is advisable to take into account the environment of the room as a whole. The colors of the walls, the position of the furniture, the light sources are all elements that interact with the decoration of a room.

We therefore advise you to think carefully about the layout before getting out the nail and hammer. Try several solutions using masking tape and, why not, cardboard or paper squares of the same size as the image(s) you want to hang. See what works best and ask your child's opinion to find THE right spot.


With or without frame, as you wish

What about framing? Again, the choice is yours.

Whatever their size, our images are offered with different options. You can choose to order the work alone, without frame. But you can also select one of the different frames that are offered as a finish. Try the different possibilities on the screen to make your choice. You will notice that each finish creates a different effect. Whether it's matte or glossy, narrow or wide, wood or metal, the frame itself has its own personality.

You can choose a minimalist frame, or something more showy. Again, it all depends on your choices for decorating the room. You may also want to harmonize the framing of different images, or play with contrasts.

In any case, the different frames we propose know how to remain discreet enough not to take precedence over the works they carry. They are there to highlight them, not to overshadow them.

There is no doubt that you will find among the works of our artists the rare pearl that will give your child's environment an absolutely unique look. So sit back, browse our gallery and make your choice; we'll take care of the rest. Fast delivery guaranteed!
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