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Acrylic paintings

Carré d'artistes presents a wide range of acrylic paintings . Delve at the heart of contemporary pictorial emotion, by discovering the unique paintings of our artists.

Acrylic painting, a contemporary art

Acrylic painting is a contemporary pictorial technique which derives from oil painting. Even though its date of creation is still debated, it is obvious that the development of acrylic practicing began in the United States during the 1930s.
Acrylic came across immediate success and is part of the modern societal evolution. The artistic model of acrylic is opposed to the one anchored by traditional oil painting. The latter took a long time to dry, due to the mixture of oil with the color pigments. Contemporary artists do not neglect oil but lean on acrylic, whose paint dries much faster.
Synthetic resin is the binder that gives acrylic paint its rather appreciated features. It is particularly famous for hardening quickly, with a texture that is close to plastic, and is very malleable.
Its marketing during the 1950s, in the form of tubes or jars, struck the democratization of acrylic art . The idea of diluting water in the paint provided acrylic ergonomics that echoed within the pop art movement. Finally, great contemporary artists, like Andy Warhol, have helped to place this pictorial technique on an equal footing with oil painting.

How is acrylic art practiced?

Acrylic paintings marked a shift with the traditional practice focused on oil painting.
It is quite possible to dilute acrylic paint to make the mixture more fluid, which allows artists to play with transparencies and adjust the raw texture of the color pigments.
Acrylic dries very quickly. Therefore, the artist can decide to work on it again without distorting it. Oil painting required several days of drying to avoid depositing a greasier layer on the layer which already existed, at the risk of the first one not drying and causing cracks in the long run.
Preserving acrylic painting is optimal. The color pigments do not fade as the years go by; the work remains intact. It is also possible to include mediums, namely substances which make it possible to modify the viscosity of the paint and therefore bring it closer to its traditional relation. Contemporary artists use this painting technique due to its flexibility which allows us to sweep along all pictorial styles, ranging from abstract to realism.

At Carré d'artistes, discover or rediscover acrylic art through a selection of paintings created by the best contemporary artists. Apprehend the pop art interpretation by Medeya Lemdiya portraying great historical and cinematographic characters or take a dive into the abstract universe of Bjerker.


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