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What if the art of giving was giving art?

For your better half, for your parents, for your children... forget the traditional gifts and offer them the ideal gift: unique, original and above all, exactly what they want. A piece of art carefully chosen by you, especially for them!

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Why not give the gift of art? "I dare? I dare not? It's also nice to have a choice". So why not? Give them the choice and think about the gift card.



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Extended returns
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Gift box
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Payment in 3x free of charge
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At Carré d'artistes, we strive to make this moment magical. For every purchase of a artwork and a frame, we sublimate it with a pretty gift box. Our gift boxes keep the surprise going right up to the last moment! Gift boxes are available for artworks measuring 13x13cm to 36x36cm.

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Whether it's a family member, friend, or favorite colleague, you likely have an art enthusiast in your circle. With so many options available, from painting to sculpture, figurative to abstract, emerging to established artists, choosing a unique piece of art can be overwhelming. To help you find the perfect gift, Carré d'Artistes offers gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or any special occasion worth celebrating in style.

How to find a gift for an art lover? 

Carré d'Artistes has created several Christmas lists or gift lists to make your life easier and find a gift for an art lover. Grouped around six different themes, these Christmas lists allow you to easily identify a unique art gift for someone passionate about painting, depending on whether they are:

- An icon addict

- A traveler

- A pet lover

- A king of daring

- A city lover

- A dreamer


Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth II, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Swinging London... are you looking for THE gift for someone who loves pop art and contemporary culture? Whether it's a symbol of our time, a cult object, or an essential monument, the icon addict passionately loves their era. Carré d'Artistes has selected works under this theme that will appeal to fans of Pop Art and artists like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. Colorful paintings, street art, graffiti... you will easily find a gift for anyone who loves the art of their time.

The traveler at heart will be seduced by works that will transport them. We have chosen art gifts with scents of elsewhere. Whether they are close or far away, these works represent odes to travel and the cultural riches of the world. This makes it easy to find a gift for someone who loves art and landscapes of Turner or Orientalist works of Delacroix, for example.


Art gifts carefully selected

For animal lovers, dogs, cats, horses, or more exotic animals (tigers, parrots, or monkeys) hold a central place in their lives and homes. This Christmas list brings together numerous options to find a gift for an art and animal enthusiast. Monochrome or colorful, Zen or naive art, the selection offered by Carré d'Artistes will delight animal lovers and fans of Douanier Rousseau's works.

For bold and baroque personalities, the gift list entitled "King of boldness" brings together paintings that invite questioning and strong emotions. If Dali, Magritte, or Botero are among their idols, you will undoubtedly find a wide choice of gifts for art lovers and debates, all with a touch of humor.

An art gift for a travel lover 

If you are looking for a gift for an art and urban jungle enthusiast, the theme "Lover of cities" brings together works that will seduce them. Skyscrapers, neon lights, crowds, and solitude: a wide selection of works that mix poetry and urban landscapes are available if you have a fan of Edward Hopper's works, for example.

An eternal dreamer will be enchanted by works that can nourish their imagination. If you are looking for gifts around abstract and geometric art that evoke masters such as Kandinsky, Matisse, or Mondrian, Carré d'artistes has selected paintings for you

Offer a Gift Card for Indecisive People

You know someone is an art lover, but you don't know their tastes. Carré d'Artistes offers a simple solution: a gift card. This option offers great flexibility, as the person who receives it can directly select the artwork of their choice. All you need to do is choose the amount of your gift, a card, and whether you want to send it by email or mail.

Carré d'Artistes offers its expertise to help you find the perfect gift for art lovers. We offer unique pieces at fixed prices sold with a certificate of authenticity. And to add to the magic of giving a gift to someone who loves art, the selected artworks are presented in elegant gift boxes.

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