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Pop icons sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of pop icon sculptures. Icons from popular culture have become increasingly popular with collectors and art lovers. The contemporary artists have seized on these emblematic subjects to redirect and question them.

Jeff Koons or the icons of popular culture

By developing his reflection around a neo-pop aesthetic with a very conceptual approach, the contemporary artist Jeff Koons has fuelled controversies and divides. While his works are always very eclectic, they most often represent pop icons that are recognised throughout the world. Here, the art of pop icons pushes viewers into contemplation and imagination and induces a sometimes ironic and offbeat reflection on today's consumer society. His pop icon sculptures play with people or characters representative of the pop culture, with a provocative touch of kitsch (explosive colours, shiny materials, disproportionate volumes…). For example, Jeff Koons took a photograph of the essential Michael Jackson accompanied by Bubbles, his little chimpanzee. From this inspiration, a sculpture in white and gold porcelain with kitsch accents was born. Pop icon sculptures allow the artist and contemporary art in general to question the place of all of us in today's consumer society. The art of pop icons above all pays tribute to a popular culture nurtured by idols and internationally recognized stars.

Pop icons or criticism of society and the art world

Using representations from popular culture, contemporary artists strongly criticise the pictorial and artistic tradition. By exploring the visual flaws of popular culture, the works created by these sculptors implicitly reveal a realistic and acerbic critique. Icons are reproduced, copied, desecrated. The sculpture of this new genre takes the material out of its context and sets the object aside. At this precise moment, it becomes the only element to be contemplated by the spectator. The use of icons in sculpture has the ultimate goal of criticising the sometimes elitist culture of art. These works offer the eyes a kind of divide between what is represented and its elements, both ordinary and banal, even kitsch. The majority of iconic works from popular culture offer an incongruous and unexpected vision. This particular artistic genre is also considered one of the last modern sculptural movements. Takashi Murakami also explores the major pictorial and sculptural trends of popular and elitist, Japanese and Western culture. He worked on a long series of paintings and sculptures, traversing both the Japanese strong symbolism of his artistic universe and the graphic codes of designer Virgil Abloh. At Carré d'artistes, discover sculptures of pop icons by contemporary sculptors made around the world.


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