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In a house in the heart of nature...

Guided tour of a house that breathes.
A modern and warm atmosphere between architecture, art and design..

Carré d'artistes

1. Julia Ulrich - Tomato single
Carré d'artistes

1. Martine Chaperon - Homme
Carré d'artistes

1. Julia Ulrich - Pear pie
Carré d'artistes

1. Martine Chaperon - Homme

Your favourite piece?

" The living room, a room flooded with light that offers a timeless atmosphere. "

Carré d'artistes

1. Heaton Rudyard - Den Haag café 
Carré d'artistes

1. Sally B - Bird

"I wanted to be as close to nature as possible,
to merge the inside and the outside... "
Carré d'artistes
1. Daniel Reymann - Turquoise

1. Naen 
2.Settimia Taroux- Nocturne 

Carré d'artistes

1. Julia Ulrich - Peonie


1. Karim Benchebra - Lemurien
2. Lujaam
3. Arias Parera Almudena - Lago cielo
4. Karim Benchebra - Tigre
5. Sally B - Bird

1. AL fer & CO  - Solitude

What do the works of art bring to your interior?

"The artworks bring character to each room.
They reflect my history, my travels and my memories. "
Carré d'artistes

1. Räv - Myk

1. Julia Ulrich - If lives give you lemons
Räv- Myk
Julia Ulrich - Pear pie

1.Françoise Gomes - Mirage


1. Räv- Myk
Julia Ulrich - Pear pie
Unique art for...

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