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Black & white paintings

Carré d'artistes presents black and white paintings. Black and white painting is a particular pictorial genre, as it is limited to the use of black and white on the canvas. Modern, and later, contemporary artists, have often produced black and white compositions.


Painting in black and white is not easy. Indeed, painting is considered to be the art of colour, whereas a black and white painting limits the maximum use of colours to render only the depth of black and the illumination of white. Furthermore, black is not considered a colour in its own right and until the 20th century, it was only used in painting to render the contours or shadows of a painting. However, a black and white work often has greater elegance and depth. Black is a tone that reveals the complexity of a subject or a composition, which lends an air of sobriety and unparalleled sophistication. But black and white art is not limited to painting: photography is of course the art that makes most use of this black and white process. Cinema, fashion, sculpture, ceramics, etc., are arts which handle black and white as well as painting. The beauty of black always brings out the brightness and brilliance of white, producing an image that is often timeless and absolute.

Famous paintings

There is not a long history of black and white painting. Indeed, before the 20th century, painters always used a broad colour palette to create a painting. It was with the advent of modern painting and abstraction that artists began to explore the great possibilities offered by these two tones alone. Thus, we find famous paintings produced in black and white: Malevich and his famous Black Square from 1915; Henri Matisse used black and white in some of his paintings, such as Voile de Chalice noir , in the early 1950s; in 1937, Picasso painted Guernica in black and white; The Black paintings by Mark Rothko are also famous; Jackson Pollock uses black and white in some of his paintings, such as Black and White painting III , circa 1951; or, Pierre Soulages , is a master of the use of black and its infinite variations. And the list could go on. Following in the pioneering steps of the great modern painters, contemporary artists continue to paint in black and white. Today, many graphic or street art paintings are in black and white, making it possible to bring out sparkle and intensity on the canvas, whatever the subject being painted.

Carré d'artistes enables you to discover contemporary black and white paintings by artists such as Julien Rey , Maurizio Galloro , Natasha Miller, Corine Pagny or Serge Rat.


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