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Fair, and not only square

- 04/01/2023

wE WERE always VERY CARRÉ (square)

For more than twenty years, Carré d'artistes has triggered beautiful encounters. Its purpose? To bring together lovers of beauty and artists who give shape to beauty.
Far from an often elitist and hermetic market, we strive to innovate and take a pioneering look. Without any value judgment, but based on pure emotion, we are proud to open the door not only to art lovers, but also to all the people who are curious, those who, until now, were not comfortable in an art gallery.

Initially, we only offered square paintings: an atypical format, with a thousand and one possibilities! Regardless of the size, the square makes it possible to create balanced compositions, which find their place indoors. Different from our anatomical perception, the latter makes us focus our attention on the artist’s creation, its composition and harmony.



But we have to think outside the box: for some time now, you have been asking us for different formats! Some of your spaces deserve slightly more rectangular formats, very atypical dimensions, even panoramic.  The reason why the rectangle is the most common size is that it is versatile and can be used in a variety of different styles and contexts. Rectangular formats can create a sense of depth and perspective in space. This can be useful for depicting landscapes or other scenes that have a sense of distance or depth. 
Although "art is born with constraints", it also rejoices in the freedom to create and the birth of new possibilities. That is why we asked our artists to play the game, to step outside the square, which they did with great pleasure. They are now taking advantage of this alternative to be even more creative. They can take new directions, play with new perspectives and give innovative dimensions to their worlds.
Get ready to see your favourite artists in a different light, to discover new facets of their creative personalities. Go with the flow and  be surprised by the variety of sizes and proportions of these new works!
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