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Which artwork for an industrial interior?

- 20/11/2020
Quelles œuvres d’art pour un intérieur industriel
For this second autumnal lockdown, Carré d’artistes suggests that you use this time to rethink your decoration and artworks, which go with it. By following a different style every week: contemporary, Bohemian…Third step: industrial! Which artworks to choose for a beautiful combination with concrete floors, metal furniture and loft-style areas?
21st century is the century of rehabilitation. There are countless stations, sheds and factories dating back to 19th and 20th century, transformed into living quarters, museums, or restaurants. It must be said that these spaces have wonderful advantages: jewels of the industrial heritage, they have ceiling height, are bright, atypical, and monumental. Some of us are lucky enough to live in such places- apartments known as “lofts” are perceived as being super chic since the 80’s, by setting up bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens in old factories. Others who are creative try to restore this rather Indus look in their places, through raw materials and carefully chosen work. Does the idea appeal to you? Follow the guide!


Why? The industrial side goes hand in hand with street art. Both of these come from the street, peripheral neighborhoods, both of them love the rough and wild aspect of a city-and go well together. Our choice: Graffmatt, a French artist who uses spray paint and Posca markers, to highlight sections of cities and portraits on his canvas, whose fluorescent contrasts go perfectly well with an industrial decor. Check out Deuz as well, who paints very expressive “nerds” as he might say, ideal for a bedroom for example.

artwork for industrial interior
artwork for industrial interior 2
street art and industrial interior


Why? Because abstract is THE symbol of modernity in art, it goes wonderfully well with great rough walls. Our choice: She calls her choice as “abstract figuration…Indeed, we can perceive dream-like aspects in Laurence Moracchini’s paintings, diluted with layers of acrylic paint and marble dust, which make these indistinguishable. Her paintings are extremely peaceful and portray a rich chromatic palette: it’s up to you to choose according to your favorite shades, for your dining room or living room.


Why? Because the industrial style doesn’t have a native land. It is international and highlights the current world’s globalization and is an excuse to travel… Our choice: Originally from China, the painter San Qian trained in a traditional manner and did ink painting. It’s tough not to fall in love with his eloquent and remote paintings, whose light brush takes us towards a harmonious journey. Ideal for a bedroom.



Why? If you were to really take the industrial decoration up a notch, avoid the gray trap: concrete and metal may look a little gloomy…With a Pop Art style painting, the global aspect is arousing and enthralling! Our choice: Shokkobo, a graphic designer duo, who have turned into painters and enjoy taking over Pop culture figures (onomatopoeia from comic books, characters from Disney, Marvel or the Simpsons) with bright and fluorescent colors. Even the children love it!

batman street art for industrial interior
mickey street art for industrial interior
asterix artwork for industrial interior


Industrial rhymes with raw material: a must-have, it’s polished concrete floor. Favor “Less is more”, to put it otherwise, not much furniture but beautiful, massive ones without any ornaments. A big couch, a table in raw wood, a metal sideboard, a big round mirror. And for a mellow effect, a beautiful and soft blanket, big candles, an artbook or two on the coffee table.

what furniture for an industrial interior
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