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Roche Clarisse | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Roche Clarisse | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Roche Clarisse
  • France
  • Sculptor

Now that I mastered the techniques of drawing, modelling, sculpture, I want to free myself from this rigour in order to evolve towards fashioning more personal creations.
Clarisse was born in Haute-Savoie and also went to secondary school there. She did not have any particular career in mind and instead tried her hand at a number of activities in a range of relatively varied fields. She had always been interested in woodworking and when she was twenty-six, she decided to move to Avignon to gain theoretical and practical training at the école Supérieure d'ébénisterie, where she obtained her Certificate of Professional Competence as a gilding sculptor in the early 2000s. Clarisse continued to train by doing a one-year internship in the workshop of an ornamentalist sculptor, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and then worked for a few years in a carpentry shop in Drome.
The sculptor has now returned to Haute-Savoie and devotes herself with passion to developing her own personal art. Her creations are characterised by an overflowing energy and a thirst to discover and experience more led her, in 2018, to experiment with snow and ice sculpture. Clarisse draws multiple sketches before sculpting, modelling and assembling different materials - such as wood, raku or sandstone - to give body and character to her subjects, which are all drawn from the richly diverse animal and plant kingdom. Both powerful and delicate, each of Clarisse's creations is a tribute to the natural world which she cherishes so dearly.
  • 2018
    Participation in the
    Sanary-sur-Mer, France
  • 2016
    Participation in the Creation Art Fair
    Évian-les-Bains, France
  • 2010
    Participation in the Rendez-vous des artistes
    Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or, France
  • 1973
    Annecy, France
(11 Artworks)

11 Artworks

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