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Keith Haring

We offer a new collection inspired by Keith Haring, an iconic artist of contemporary art.
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Who is Keith Haring?

Born May 4, 1958, Keith Haring is an American artist. At a very young age, he took a keen interest in drawing and art, which is why he enrolled at the age of 18 at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh.
However, carrying out advertising work tires him quickly. He then unsubscribed to turn to the School of Visual Arts in New York. Thanks to the artistic cradle of New York during the 1980s, Keith Haring decided to use the city as a creative medium. He will then be inspired by the urban landscape, graffiti, and create works of art on blank billboards in order to expose his creativity to as many people as possible.
Today he is considered an iconic figure in Pop Art and contemporary art.

What characterizes Keith Haring's work?

Keith Haring expresses through his art concepts accessible to all, such as love, birth, death, war, sex. For this, a Keith Haring painting is often represented by drawings of figures with simple lines, bright colors and which contrast with the artist's engaged message.
These characters are numerous and are repeated throughout the painting with refined colors. The artist gives an impression of movement due to an inspiration coming from the comic strip.
In his artistic approach, Keith Haring uses different media without ever making sketches or sketches.
Thus, it is possible to find his works on paintings, murals, objects, posters, etc.
Making a creation accessible to as many people as possible is important to Keith Haring, works that have been presented in more than 100 exhibitions.

Keith Haring's inspired works on Carré d’artistes

As a specialist in contemporary art, Carré d´artistes brings you works of art inspired by artist Keith Haring, at all prices and for all tastes. These artists learned all of Haring’s art from his way of conveying messages, always with these brightly colored minimalist characters. These works have been carefully selected by our art market experts.
By choosing a work inspired by Keith Haring, you are carrying on the legacy of the cult artist while supporting a new creator among the 600 artists on Carré d´artistes.
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33 Artworks



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