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Tribute to Dali



Dali is a truly great artist for contemporary painters. Dali's method of painting has influenced a whole generation of creators, first Spanish, then mainly European, whether in painting, photography, décor, but also in film and fashion. Dali's early realist masterpieces, such as Young Woman at a Window, are often forgotten, but have also played an important role in the education of students. It is true that Salvador Dali is above all considered to be the best representative of surrealism, through his famous paintings such as The Temptation of St Anthony or The hallucinogenic Toreador. Dali is a painter who left his mark as much by his paintings as by his life and his behaviour.

Our artists pay tribute to Dali

Our artists choose to represent the painter with his famous waxed handlebar moustache. This is Salvador Dali's most iconic trait. Dali is treated by various styles and techniques: colour or black and white photographs, retouched and superimposed, acrylic, collage, mixed media and figurative. Virginie Schroeder, Medeya Lemdiya, Philippe Euger, Sergi Mestres and others are artists who distinguish themselves in figurative art, pop art, graffiti and street art. They have taken as their subject one of the most popular painters and Dali's painting.

Dali: an ideal subject for contemporary artists

Salvador Dali is a subject of choice for artists. Who better than him appreciated the photos, the press, the social invitations? Salvador Dali enjoyed taking part in and commenting on cultural life. He is one of the only well-known and recognized painters to have taken part in a television commercial! He would have loved this collection which celebrates him. He would have enjoyed seeing his image multiplied and reproduced. Salvador Dali through Dali's works is also, for many admirers and detractors, eccentricity, excess, megalomania. It was during his era that the commercialization of art reached dizzying heights. He also contributed to the advent of advertising, a protected sector up until then. Salvador Dali is art for the people. He was very present in the media and adored social events.


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13 Artworks



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