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Euger | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Euger | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

If you could say it with words, there would be no reason to paint - Edward Hopper
Art, painting and drawing have always been part of Philippe Euger's environment. As a young man, he was interested in and worked with a good number of painters belonging to the Rouen School and its descendants. He naturally became a painter by passion in his teens and has been solicited by several painting galleries since the late 1980s. Some of these galleries have been exhibiting his work for over 20 years. Philippe Euger has never taken a course and is a true self-taught painter. He learned the different techniques and the work of the colors alone,
Scenes of everyday life are a major theme in Philippe Euger's work. Inspired by the urban world, he creates lively, colorful canvases, animated with characters. They convey the atmosphere that can be found in the streets and terraces of Paris, although other cities such as New York also appear on his canvases. Philippe Euger is particularly interested in life and movement, perspective and the characteristic atmosphere of the places he paints. It is not so much reality that shines through in his work as his vision of it: he makes it his universe with his brushstrokes. From a crowded Paris to a rainy one, he shows the agitation or the calm of big cities, the grandeur or the simplicity of buildings.
(86 Artworks)

86 Artworks

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