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  • France
  • Painter

Beyond appearances, there are infinite spaces where the stories that your imagination will tell you are born. The invisible thread that connects the sensitive cord to all emotions.
From an early age, Han instinctively drew and painted, even though her family was not artistic and did not encourage her. She studied social policy and it was several years before she would embrace her vocation, searching for a long time to identify the signs that would bring out the artist in her. She did not choose to be a painter, rather being a painter chose her, and became a permanent feature of her life. Han uses reality in her art; everything that she sees and feels (earth, air, sea, wind, rain). She mentally photographs these images and transforms them on the canvas to give them other dimensions. Her imagination is stronger than she is, and always takes precedence over reality. She strives for a powerful painting where colour imposes its law, between softness and strength, the calm and the storm. Han also communicates a sense of dreaming of unknown lands to discover. These interior landscapes reflect the path of her life.
During her artistic quest Han taught herself, exploring different techniques: acrylic, ink, pigments, collages, and plaster with various materials added, such as sand, iron or aluminium. She discovered the colours and reflections that corresponded to her feelings and learned to make them vibrate endlessly. Of all the materials and techniques available, the artist uses those that in her eyes reveal the intensity of the colours and effects of materials the most subtly or most powerfully. With great accuracy, her solid creations balance and build aerial compositions in order to express both power and a delicate sensitivity. She masters lines and curves and reveals figurative forms with abstract touches. Her colours are clean, shaded, heavy and then removed here and there; her palette is her trademark
  • 2018
    Winning the painting jury prize
    Sucé-sur-Erdre, France
  • 2007
    Participation in Art en Capital Art Fair
    Paris, France
  • 2006
    Exhibition at Libre comme l’Art Gallery
    Angers, France
  • 1962
    Saint-Gil-Croix-de-Vie, France
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161 Artworks

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