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  • Jonas Lundh

Jonas Lundh

  • Sweden
  • Painter
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Art and music are two inseparable and indispensable pillars in the life of Jonas. A drummer and percussionist, he began first of all, in the eighties, as an independent jazz musician. Gradually, he developed a passion for painting and taught himself. He quickly made the connection with music and decided to keep in mind the two characteristics that he likes and wants to ""print"" on his canvases: harmony and rhythm.
A ""photographic"" reproduction of the world does not interest him, he prefers Impressionism.
For fifteen years, he has been using a technique in which pieces of cardboard of different sizes take the place of brushes. This technique enables him to create specific reliefs and strokes, as well as solid areas with varied densities. The works have less clarity and more abstraction. But in this way he wants to offer the viewer more space, more freedom to freely interpret the work.
In this way Jonas builds on his canvases unreal and dreamlike worlds with warm and soft colours, punctuated with great balance. Sometimes, in what appears to be at first abstract forms, a drum and drumsticks, motorcycle, street, shadows or a boat appear. In his compositions, poetry is everywhere, both in the proposed shades and hues as well as the suggested imaginary journey. It is a path where the viewer can try to find the history of the object outlined in the centre of the canvas. A ship, a mast, the sea, shadows in the distance ... and a suggested starting out to sea.
One of his main sources of inspiration is the Nordic light and a kind of melancholy, but which he sees positively. When starting a painting he likes to remember memories and impressions of his childhood and his travels.
Jonas takes us through his works on meanderings with delicacy and we are surprised to let our eyes wander over his paintings, letting his judicious mixture of abstract universes and concrete representations act on our imagination. Through his work Jonas wishes to propose a description of the mood in our world.

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