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Julie-Anne | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Julie-Anne | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Art is the witness of an existence, of a past life, in a way it allows to be immortal.
Young artist from Dunkerque, Julie-Anne has always loved to create and to let her imagination run free through drawing, painting or pottery. She admires the creativity and how from nothing one can sublimate an idea with its style and its sensitivity, until metamorphosing it into a work of art. Curious, she studied the history of art, dance, cinema and photography. With her original and colorful canvases intertwining mysteries, emotions and femininity, Julie evokes her memories with passion and challenges her audience on what is dear to her heart.
For Julie-Anne, everything begins with a memory, an emotion, an important moment in life that marks her imagination. Thus, all her creations have a meaning and find an origin in what touches her, in her life or that of others. Her canvases with their pigmented curves, mixing colors and sensuality, are also inspired by her travels, especially with a strong Polynesian influence. Very attached to the world of fashion, she associates it with the artistic world, each creator defining in a similar way his style and his attitude from his experience, as a reflection of his personality. On the occasion of Pink October, she commits herself with her collection of paintings "Wild Breast" in the fight against breast cancer and evokes the importance of screening. In her works, she proudly advocates body positivism and wants to highlight the beauty and the body of each woman.
  • 2022
    Beginning of the collaboration with Carré d'artistes
    Lille, France
  • 2020
    Starts painting with his own style
    Lille, France
  • 1996
    Dunkerque, France
(43 Artworks)

43 Artworks

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