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Life scene paintings are an important theme. Also known as "genre scenes," they depict familiar moments from everyday life. Highly valued in art history, this type of painting continues to evolve with contemporary artists who keep it alive.


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Why buy a life scene painting ?  

Choosing to give a painting of a life scene is a wonderful choice for several reasons. By selecting a life scene painting, you bring a sense of authenticity and realism to your own or your loved ones' interior decor. Life scene paintings capture simple and sincere moments that remind us that the most beautiful things in life are often found in our daily lives.

Opting for a life scene painting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites appreciation for the present moment. Life scene paintings are also perfect gifts to show how much you care about someone and to celebrate the bonds that connect you. Choosing a life scene painting is like giving a piece of art that conveys the importance of these precious moments that shape our existence and remind us that every moment counts.


History of life scene paintings

Life scene paintings emerged in the late Middle Ages, at the turn of the Renaissance. It was in Flanders that the first paintings and representations of life scenes were found. Prior to this time, paintings mainly depicted religious episodes, far from the daily life of ordinary people. Some scenes from ancient art resemble life scenes, but they do not belong to a specific genre.

During the Renaissance, religion remained significant, but it was less dominant in art compared to previous centuries. Artists gradually began to reproduce secular scenes of common life in their works. Italy and France were initially less receptive to this type of painting. It was in the Netherlands, during the 16th and 17th centuries, that life scene paintings became a remarkable genre of painting. Painters innovated by reproducing landscapes with people, depicting peasants at work, musicians, women at home, and other activities.

These paintings are a wonderful resource for understanding the lives of men and women of the time. It's important to note that these paintings were generally small in size since the genre was considered minor compared to history painting, religious art, or landscapes. In the 19th century, genre painting gained in popularity due to the decline of religious paintings. Gradually, life scene paintings were no longer considered a minor genre, and the size of the works became increasingly imposing. The genre also developed in the 20th century, in a modern and contemporary way, and continues until today.


Famous painters and paintings of life scenes 

Painting the ordinary life of common people attracts many artists. It is a subject that offers numerous possibilities and great variations in themes and compositions.

  • It is usually estimated that Jan van Eyck's painting, The Arnolfini Portrait (1434), established and set the rules for this genre of painting.
  • The paintings of Jheronimus Bosch, in the second half of the 15th century, are also representations (although fantastic) of ordinary life. Another famous painting is The Moneylender and His Wife (1514) by Quentin Metsys.
  • Pieter Bruegel the Elder is also well-known for his superb works depicting peasant life or proverbs.
  • In the Netherlands, Vermeer sublimates everyday scenes, such as in The Milkmaid (1658) or The Astronomer (1668).
  • In France, Louis le Nain, Fragonard, and Georges de La Tour created numerous paintings of life scenes.
  • In Spain, among the most famous, are Velazquez and Murillo.
  • In the 19th century, Courbet dominated genre painting and disrupted the codes by being the first to paint his scenes on immense canvases (usually reserved for history paintings).
  • In the 20th century, the genre continued to develop following artistic movements. Artists like Pierre Bonnard or Edward Hopper enjoyed painting subjects of everyday life.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary paintings of life scenes by artists such as Nicole Garilly, Brooksby, Niankoye Lama, Baubeau de Secondigné, and many others.


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