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Martinez Costa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Martinez Costa

  • Spain

Gerard spent his childhood in his hometown of Palafrugell (Catalonia) at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. He grew up in a creative family that was appreciative of the arts. This region of Empordà is historically a region of great artists and writers (Salvador Dalí). At the age of 18, he left to study engineering in Barcelona.
He fell in love with the city on first contact. He was in awe of its streets, its people, its history, its cultural and urban richness. The city became his greatest source of inspiration. Self-taught, he started creating at the age of 26 and discovered his two great passions: painting and photography.
His first period, experimental and introspective, focused on abstraction and the medium. He was inspired by Catalan artists, such as Antoni Tapies and Josep Guinovart (twentieth century). Gradually, Gerard began incorporating photography into his works. Through this technique he expresses his emotions of everyday and urban life. On the canvas, he creates a space where everyday scenes, characters, and symbols of the city meet. Graffiti and bicycles are two recurring themes. Like the contemporary photographers Xavier Miserachs and Francesc Català-Roca, he seeks to capture the essence of Barcelona.
Gerard works with mixed media on a background of digitally reworked photographs covered with paint. With spray paint and coatings, he gives the image texture and a unique perspective to the scene.
Taking a contemporary approach, he uses bright, saturated colours. For a more conceptual and minimalist effect, the images are in black and white. His travels are a great source of inspiration, and he devotes certain paintings to Paris or rural life in Peru.
Gerard's works reflect his personal vision of reality and his admiration for daily and urban life.

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