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Minimalist paintings

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of urban paintings. Minimalist painting is a contemporary pictorial movement. This pictorial genre first appeared around 1960, in the wake of the abstract artistic movement. It is essentially characterised by the fact that very few elements are represented on the canvas.


Features and techniques

Minimalist art is not limited to painting. In addition to painting, there is minimalist sculpture, music, architecture and design. Minimalism is a major artistic movement of the contemporary period and the twentieth century. It has its origins in abstract art and is opposed to Pop Art in particular, which is a figurative style of painting where many elements are often represented. Conversely, minimalist painting uses few details in a painting. This is its essential characteristic, hence its credo "less is more" which means : "the less detail in the painting, the better it is". Minimalist artists therefore seek to subtract as many elements and details as possible in a painting. The monochrome technique is thus used very frequently in minimalist art: a solid colour is sometimes the only element of a minimalist painting. If other details come into play in the composition (for example: lines, circles, writings, etc.), they are kept to a minimum. The artists also want to remove as much as possible the trace of their hand and their movements. Simplicity is essential: it must be driven to the maximum and have no particular symbolism.

History and famous paintings

Great painters of the 20th century were involved in the minimalist movement. They often come from abstract or Bauhaus art and seek to break away from figurative and symbolist painting. Unlike other abstract artists, they want to achieve pure abstraction, far from the paintings of Jackson Pollock, for example. They are inspired by artists such as Malevich, who painted the very famous Black Square on a White Background in 1915 and which the artist Jirô Yoshihara reinterprets in his own way in his painting Red Circle on Black (1965). Minimalist painting developed mainly from the 1960s, with Ad Reinhardt as the figurehead. He wanted to move away from all reference and all depiction and created geometric works before painting monochromes where the concept of the absolute and the void emerges. A little later, Franck Stella became an emblematic artist of the minimalist movement in painting and sculpture. Stella offers viewers the opportunity to look at very clean lines, circles and geometric shapes. Close to this style is the artist Sol LeWitt, whose work Nine-Sided Figure (1989) expresses the essence and principle of minimalism. In a different style, Pierre Soulages is also an iconic artist who has produced many minimalist works, especially with his intense black monochromes. But many other artists can be compared to the minimalist movement in painting, such as Imi Knoebel, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni or Agnès Martin.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary minimalist paintings by talented artists.


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