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MR.P0pArT | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • MR.P0pArT | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Art is a question of emotion and not of technique. Salvador Dali.
Raphaël, better known under his pseudonym MR.P0pArT, is an artist from Bordeaux of the Y generation. Since childhood, he has been passionate about the arts and has never stopped enjoying drawing. In 2018, he decided to change his life and devoted himself body and soul to his vocation. Self-taught, he becomes a professional and launches into street art and pop art in order to express himself in a more original and personal way. With an atypical touch and a satirical look on the world and society, MR.P0pArT quickly finds his public and exhibits in France, then in Belgium.
MR.P0pArT is above all a craftsman of contrast. Regularly in his creations, he works and diverts objects like toys, banknotes or road signs. He then stages and paints these original supports by multiplying the techniques such as acrylic, watercolor, bombs or markers. Very influenced by pop culture and iconography from his childhood, he also appreciates contemporary artists who have a similar approach like Basquiat, Banksy, Speedy Graphito or Reload. By placing popular symbols and figures in an unusual, and often sarcastic, context, he manages to captivate our gaze and mark our emotions. In his works, MR.P0pArT explores with humor and cynicism the complex relations between men and their relationship to the environment, both enriching and deleterious.
  • 2022
    Exhibits at the Host Gallery
    Brussels, Belgium
  • 2019
    First solo exhibition at the Ekkogalerie
    Bordeaux, France
  • 2019
    Launch of his artistic career
    Bordeaux, France
  • 1982
    Bordeaux, France
(47 Artworks)

47 Artworks

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