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Wedding presents

Are you invited to a wedding celebration and are you looking for a gift that will hit the spot? You are right! More than a tradition, it's a wish you're sending to the newlyweds so that their union will last. You might as well choose it carefully! At Carré d'artistes, we have put together a charming collection of the most romantic works of art to immortalise the love that unites them.

the importance of a wedding gift


wedding gift painting

A wedding gift is not just a tradition to be respected. It has its own importance. It is the best way to move the bride and groom, to please them and to show your affection, whether you are close family or long-time friends.

It is also a way of expressing thanks for inviting you to participate in one of the most important events of their lives, their wedding day and the beginning of their married life. It will be a small memento of one of the most important days of their married life. It is therefore a good idea to choose something that will last. It will allow them to simply remember this special day.

How to choose the perfect wedding gift?

To be sure of pleasing the bride and groom, it is of course important to know their tastes. Have you ever been to their home? How was their interior decorated? Are they more pop-art or abstract art? You will also need to know the predominant colour or colours in their home. Is it classic white, sparkling green or vibrant red? Obviously, you won't choose the same gift based on this information, or the gift you've been struggling to find will end up in a wardrobe.


the painting: an original and unique wedding gift

Giving a gift is not an easy thing to do, and even less so on the occasion of a wedding. This moment is very important for the future couple, it is the consecration of their love before the whole world.

A wedding gift is a necessary accompaniment to your wishes for happiness. It is the proof of your sincerity. This is one of the reasons why some people choose a personalised or customisable gift, but what about a unique and chic gift?

So get rid of the impersonal gift box or the personalised key ring and opt for a more than original gift, a unique wedding gift. Indeed, the bride and groom will be the only ones to own this work of art, which will give a touch of sophistication to their home while reminding them of the day they were wed. Below you will find our collection of paintings for a romantic gift. Have you fallen in love with a piece of art? They will definitely get it too! Do you recognise them in this painting? Make them walk past it every day for the rest of their lives!

Among our selection of paintings, you will find works of various styles:
In sizes ranging from 13x13 cm to 100x100 cm to suit all pockets and fill all types of space. 
Don't give a gift, give a painting!
(173 Artworks)
173 Artworks

Unique art for...

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