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Berlin, the alternative

1 juillet 2016

(Alte Nationalgalerie)

Second largest city of the European Union, Berlin is known for its chilled lifestyle and the many green spaces which have gave him the reputation to be one of the greenest capitals in Europe.

The center of Berlin is also known for its rich architecture and historical monuments such as the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Staatbibliothek Zu Berlin and the Berliner Dom. Not to mention the historical royal buildings located in the popular neighborhood of Dorotheenstadt and Friedrichstadt.

This architectural diversity shelters an affluent cultural environment, pride of the Berliners. No less than 175 museums, 150 theaters and 300 galleries have put the German capital on the international cultural podium.  

Berlin, a city with a rich artistic culture

Known for its incomparable culture, Berlin houses many museums. Among them, the Alte Nationalgalerie is the oldest and probably the most famous one. Its architecture only could carry us away but once inside, the German paintings from the nineteenth century literally take our breath away. The artworks from the romanticism movement focus on the Nature and the Renaissance era. Famous paintings by Caspar David, Friedrich or Moritz von Schwind, enrich the visit with some Impressionism and Realism stops.

Carrying on the tour of Berliner Museums, the Museum für Gegenwart, named after its original function as a railway station, has been exquisitely refurbished and is now a major place of contemporary art. Emerging artists, whose artworks shake the artistic codes, cunningly coexist with internationally renowned ones such as Frederick Christian Flick, Erich Marx and Marzona. Beyond those artworks, the fascinating structure of the  building itself is worth visiting! Design, Music and Video fit perfectly in those large spaces.

(Berlin Greenhouse, Alte Nationalgalerie, Gegenwart Museum)

On the road to eclectic exhibitions

As for the Dahlem museum, this unique ensemble of cultural history museums combines three categories: the Museum of Asian Art, the Ethnological Museum and the European Cultures Museum. A day is certainly not enough to discover all the wonders of this place but the visitor will have the choice of admiring Native American paintings, porcelains and Asian scrolls or the African Art through masks, necklaces or jewelry.

Berlin hosts many exhibitions throughout the year, among them, an exhibition created for a good cause: Photocircle. Profits are donated to a chosen cause:  sponsor the education of  a child, offer meals to German children in need, help Malian and Sudanese refugees or give access to drinking water in poor countries.  The exhibition features photographic works taken around the world, vector of arousing a emotion free of borders.

Located next to the Teltowkanal, the Greenhouse is an impressive eight floors building housing renowned artists excelling in painting, music, design, film or sculpture. Two floors are dedicated to temporary exhibitions, a floor offers a variety of restaurants, bars and there is even one stage and we where concerts are showcased throughout the year. Finally, if you are lucky enough to be in Berlin at the end of the summer, do not miss the Berlin Art Week from September13 to September 18 2016. International art galleries are represented and over 100 000 visitors enjoy the eclecticism of contemporary art.


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