Artist testimony : Carlo Trévisan

2 mai 2018

Guiding artists and enabling them to evolve is one of Carré d’artistes’ main purposes.  Who better to testify than a dedicated artist? Discover the impressions of the Italian artist Carlo Trévisan on his relationship with Carré d’artistes.


What did Carré d’artistes change for you, regarding your career as an artist?

I have always painted a lot before entering Carré d’artistes, but I always had to think about organizing my exhibitions and my promotion, and I was losing a lot of time. With Carré d’artistes, I just have to think about painting and creating and I can concentrate more on my creativity without distractions and getting better results. Carré d’artistes also manages to promote my art in many countries all over the world. Carré d'artistes has rewarded my work, and knowing that my works will be exhibited and sold in their galleries encourages me to always do my best.
What has changed? My collectors have increased exponentially in every corner of the world... and even my art has evolved and never stops improving.

How is your partnership with Carre d’artistes on a daily basis?

The collaboration is good, often more with the parent company than with the galleries. Carré d’artistes is always present and manages to meet your needs. It does not impose working time and leaves the painter the freedom to work with his production times. Of course, there must be a relationship of seriousness and collaboration if you want to do a job that can give positive results.

Describe your experience with Carré d’artistes

The 3 words that describe my experience with Carré d’artistes:

Dream: because Carré d'artistes has realized my dream as an artist. I just have to paint and Carré thinks of everything by exposing my works in its galleries all over the world. My art has found the right channel to be known and appreciated by people worldwide. My art is universal and Carré d’artistes galleries have managed to provide it to many collectors who have known my art and now benefit from it in their homes.

Professionalism: there is a lot of seriousness in working with Carré d'artistes. And as an artist, I also have to be professional and serious in my work.

Freedom: For an artist, being free to create without limits and conditions is important. And with Carré d'artistes, I can give free rein to my artistic creativity whilst always trying to give my best technical and creative skills. Carré d'artistes lets the artist remain himself and express his creative world with his art.

The event that marked me since I worked with Carré d'artistes is the commission for The Study Hotel in University City in Philadelphia.
In 2017, thanks to Carré d'artistes Philadelphia, I had a commission of 214 paintings for this hotel, which is located near the university. A painting for each room: the theme was to cover the cultural, literary, sporting, relaxation, meditation and rest world. The commission seemed absurd and impossible: in just two months we had to deliver the job. It was a bet with myself, with my creative abilities, my determination. I had planned the work, giving myself time, planning each day of painting. In 2 months I managed to deliver 214 oil paintings, all different from one another. They were the best two months of my life. At the end of all this enormous work I was neither tired nor consumed. On the contrary, my health and my mind had so much projected into painting that I regained my soul and my confidence. That day I realized that painting was my whole life.
All this was thanks to the organization of Carré d'artistes. Alone, I would have never been able to do everything. I thought about painting the works and Carré d’artistes thought of the logistic and organizational side.