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Episode 05: new talents featured

7 mai 2018

Every month, Carré d'artistes seeks new talents and introduces you to the artists of tomorrow. The idea is simple: discover the new jewels carefully selected by the Artistic Department that will be on temporary exhibition on the online gallery. Discover April's 2018 Collection.


▪ Yongho Park  


♥ The artistic department’s top pick ♥

"A perfect harmony emerges from Yongho Park’s delicat artworks. A constant source of inspiration to him, he beautifies nature adding a contemporary touch, manipulating rough materials using a skilfull and delicat technique."


Acrylic, ink, colour, all the possible mediums are used in these resolutely contemporary botanical compositions, which integrate parts cut out of metal to become three dimensional and design.

Odile Escolier’s insight (an artist working with Carré d’artistes since 2008)

"I have been transported by Yongho Park’s abstract compositions, full of delicacy and in which nature’s inspiration is key ; his refined lines, soft colours and use of space all reflect the importance found in the balance of substance and absence."


Discover more of Yongho Park’s work in Paris Marais & Paris L'Expo


▪ Yann Torrecillas 



Having long been fascinated by the many aesthetic aspects allowed by drawing, this artist from Marseille harmoniously creates pieces that insist on both line and texture. Composed of a multitude of intense colours, Yann Torrecillas’ paintings gives us an interpretation of the world and bodies that is full of optimism and vitality.

"Yann Torrecillas’ paintings celebrate portraits and colours. I found a particular emphasis placed on the emotions expressed through the eyes. One wants to prolong the instrospective feeling found in the expressions of his more cubist and almost abstract portraits."


▪ Laure Ketfa 



Laure Ketfa has created a string of characters through which to tell a story, express an emotion, a fragment of life. She depicts mostly women and children, dancing and full of life. Like a signature, her characters only ever have one eye. The other, absent, eye symbolises an interior voyage, a buried memory.

Odile Escolier’s insight (an artist working with Carré d’artistes since 2008)

"I have chosen to talk about Laure’s characters, nostalgic faces that tell a tale. I find myself immersed in these poetic expressions, as mysterious as a fairytale or a legend, in poetic settings reminiscent of Milarepa or Rumi, colourful gardens of ancient civilisations. Stories that touch upon what is profoundly human within all of us."

Discover Laure Ketfa's gallery

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