Let there be rock by Sophie Costa

14 novembre 2018

This month, discover French artist Sophie Costa’s inspirations and techniques through her artwork “Let there be rock“.


A mix of influences...

I’m inspired by the abstract impressionism, action painting, pop art, and new realists’ artistic movements.
Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock, Jacques Villeglé, and most importantly Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly and Antoni Tàpies :  these are the great artists who drive my work. This is the mix of influences that can be found in my work.  

My work is somewhat nostalgic as I often refer to my childhood.
For example, in some of my artworks, I use Mercurochrome’s band-aids’ papers. It was the number one brand our parents used to treat our wounds. Today, the brand isn’t famous anymore.
I also use the vinyl and cassette tapes that I used to listen to and now, they are almost all gone.

"In the rock movement, there is something excessive and dynamic that match my work


I chose to describe this artwork as “Let there be rock”, because it refers to a period of my childhood: 1970’s rock.
In the rock movement, there is something excessive, dynamic and strong that matches my work.
David Bowie is an icon and a great artist. I loved his music, aesthetic and innovative world. He always challenged himself and had a certain independence and intellectual freedom.
The objects in my artwork, like the vinyl and the tapes, clearly refer to these years. The cigarette pack is a symbol of the rock world, as everyone smoked back then. As for my use of yellow, it’s a symbol of energy.


…expressed with materials 

I collect everyday objects which are graphic and aesthetic, like vinyl and audio tapes, but also scraps of cardboard, ripped magazine pages and posters. I organize all of this around a theme. I recycle them to give them a second lease of life.
I brighten, varnish and tie these elements with papers, colors etc.
As a final touch, I apply splashes of paint that will add energy and movement to my in relief artworks, in order to make them look alive.
I work with music on, as it makes my paintings dynamic and alive. During the creation of my artwork “Let there be rock”, I was listening to rock music at maximum volume.
My work can be characterized by the mix “movement, material, energy and color”!

Indeed, my art is organized on the one hand, but uncontrolled on the other. For example, if I slpash paint by mistake on my canvas, I will not erase it or change it. That’s the beauty of my art.


Where does this obsession with Coca Cola cans come from?

At the time, I was drinking a lot of diet coke. Moreover, I’ve always loved how compressed metal looks, especially the way it folds.
This brand has existed for years! The logo is instantly identifiable and it's language is universal. It is also dynamic, as the design is elegant, positive and humorous.
Nutritional and ecological aspects aside, I identify with this brand.





Let there be rock